Monday, June 18, 2012

Cheerful Misery

What happens when you go to Manchester United Café wearing an Arsenal t-shirt? I am guessing nothing, but why take a chance? So we just shifted the venue instead. As my friends move on to the next stage in life, as our conversations drift from food and placements to high uric acid and cholesterol and as we make life-changing decisions and purchases, I remain the girl I was: slightly silly, slightly impulsive and slightly confused; older, but definitely not wiser than I was three years back. What with the rains hitting the city, the mood is slowly seeping into me: brooding, dark and depressed.

Before I left for my trip, I was reading a few translations (Paulo Coelho and Gabriel Garcia Marquez), but lately, I have added my obsession with history and turned to Orhan Pamuk for inspiration. My current read, Istanbul, (translated in English from the original Turkish) takes me back in time, through the streets of Nisantasi, the view from the Galata Tower, the cruise through the Bosphorus and the idiosyncrasies of the Ottoman sultans.

As I flip through the pages, it reminds me that may be I don’t belong here, may be I should have been born in some other era altogether, may be the rains would have been different then…

May be it’s just the monsoons, or may be it’s my life, shrouded in the dark clouds of cheerful misery


xibi said...

Loved it!!! Also a new status message for me :-)

Makk said...

we can always see a silver whatsoever the darkness is.. :)

but of course only if we dont want to enjoy the darkness. :)

Nefertiti said...


you need to read better stuff :)

the darkness can be quite addictive at times

Makk said...

I feel if there is only addictive thing in this universe, its


Carpe Diem! said...

Really gave me a new perspective regarding the rains. Maybe they were different in a different era. Maybe that's why some people find them romantic. Having lived in Bombay all my life and having had to travel through local trains everyday for the last 8 years (except for my year in England), monsoon is as low as it can get for me. Except when I can have a hot bhutta on Carter road, that is.

Nefertiti said...

@carpe diem

ahh... the charms of monsoon indeed. since I have been lucky enough to avoid the locals during monsoons, I still love the mumbai rains