Thursday, May 31, 2007

New York Minute

It’s my last night in Mumbai… a journey of 5 years comes to an end, just like that, quicker than a New York minute. Outside its raining cats and dogs: at least it gives me an opportunity to flatter myself that it’s nature’s way of mourning my departure!
I still remember the day I stepped into the city, five years back, like any other starry eyed teenager- for somebody whose world was confined by a few narrow parameters, Bombay was the city of dreams- it represented everything that I dreamed of, everything that had eluded me, everything that defined perfection! Yeah, I was just another naïve young girl who still retained the innocence to build castles in the air and who still wasn’t a victim of cynicism. But all that was about to change, and how fast!!
This city has given me a lot, but hey it’s not called the financial capital of India for nothing- whatever it has given, it has also taken back with a hefty interest. I came here for a college degree, but I got more than what I had bargained for: an education! It provided me with a source of sustenance, a sense of self, and most importantly, the gift of freedom. I may have got ticked off by my teachers or my seniors at work, but I lived on my own terms; It wasn’t a great living, but at least it was MY life. It gave me the courage to say “No”, but a heart to say “Yes”, it taught me to appreciate the little things in life, for the first time I realized how much sacrifice my parents made for me and how rarely I acknowledged their contribution, for the first time I met people from all walks of life instead of middle class, Bengali children who went to the same school, studied the same subjects and wanted the same things as I did, and for the first time I fell in love- with myself! The city has taken its toll on me: the pangs of loneliness, the fast life, the very sight of crowded local trains, the exorbitant prices and the roadside paanipuri (don’t get me wrong, but it can never give the puchka a run for its money) sometimes made me wish I could run away!
Well here I am, walking away, at least for the time being… but Bombay is special and this is where I want to be… forever!
PS: I just saw “Life in a Metro”… it’s a must watch! Only regret, Anurag Basu could have offered me the role of any extra- I would have gladly sat on Churchgate station with a bowl… what’s the use of being a Bengali? Rahul Bose is now my only hope!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

28th May

28th May 2005
fatal interview
500 smses
"cat's in the cradle"
French Open Final
Horror Movies
It all ends here... as I embark upon a new journey!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Quarter-life crisis... the worst is yet to come!!

Am on “vacation” for a month in my hometown Kolkata… but honestly, if you are a girl who has no feminine skills, ie cooking, darning, wearing a saree, you can get in trouble with my mother…
First of all, she is horrified that I subscribe to a website (and if I dare add, actively participate) called, then she resents the fact that I take more pleasure in bumping our car and discussing the world cup with my dad rather than prepare a delicious meal or dress myself up in her beautiful (I beg to differ) sarees. Then she doesn’t understand how the hell I manage to have pure, platonic friendships with guys and yet not get seriously involved with anybody… (at this rate she will be questioning my sexual orientation in a few years). Finally she gets paranoid every time she receives a wedding invitation, and wails that her poor daughter will die an old maid!!!
Fast forward to 10 years hence… am going to end up as a cross between Bridget Jones, Rachael Green and Ally Mcbeal!!! Most likely that I will be working ten hours a day in some shitty multinational where I shall have a computer, and no social life (orkut doesn’t qualify as “life” even though it’s social), I will live in a dump called “house” in an overcrowded city, weekends will be spent in cleaning up that dump, sitting in front of the TV watching the umpteenth repeat telecast of FRIENDS, cribbing about how I don’t have a life, where a romantic dinner consists of ordered pizza (late hai to free hai, balle balle) with my pet dog, and crying over mushy chicklit. Once in a while I will get together with my girlfriends to crib about my life (or the lack of it) and listen to the “smug-marrieds’ crib about their husbands. Once in a blue moon (usually after I am on the point of bursting after Diwali or Christmas), I will hit the gym full of good intentions. Even rarely, I am going to go on disastrous blind dates with boring, stuffy, fat men and return home drunk & dissatisfied. Too bad? naah: you see there’s another way of looking at it- I am going to be a 21st century, liberated, modern woman who can enjoy her freedom, irrespective of whether she wants it or not! Whether you are Tulsi or Bridget, you are going to end up at the same destination, ie Edge of Reason, all be it via different routes!

But who cares, it’s the time to party NOW!

Friday, May 4, 2007

I Came, I Saw, I Resigned…

With most B-schools coming out with their final results, it’s a bad time for organizations, IT companies in particular, as the number of resignations is directly proportional to the number of waitlists cleared in management institutes!! “I am putting in my papers” is replacing “Sir I will try my best” as the new senior-subordinate interaction. As the HR departments across industries struggle with issuing relieving letters, experience certificates, and PF clearances, the soon-to-be-MBAs spend their last working day (and the most happiest day of their career so far) trying to draft out the perfectly clichéd goodbye mail, which goes something like this…

Sub: Goodbye!!!

Dear All,
Today is my last day at XYZ organization… The last one and a half years (most common: that is when the frustration sets in) has been a memorable journey, and I am very thankful to a lot of people for all the help and support extended to me during this short but significant tenure. This was one of the most difficult decisions in my life and “goodbye” is the last the thing I would like to say. But today as I step out to pursue better opportunities I shall forever cherish the wonderful memories I have experienced in this organization.
Please do keep in touch. My personal email id is :….

Now recruiters and bosses, stop reading. Others, scroll down to see what it really means!!

Sub: Finally am out of this goddamned place… (yesssssss!!!!!!!)

Hated All (Especially my boss and HR dept)
Today is my last day as a software coolie in this Hellhole called XYZ organization.
At last I have the opportunity to quit this boring, unchallenging, poorly paid job (euphemism for coding) with a mean, slave-driver of a boss who takes credit for all the good work I do and blames me for all the screwing up that he does; a sad, unhealthy organisation with poor policies and even worse politics, where true talent is not recognized (especially mine) and equally unfair colleagues, who get all the exercise they need by pushing their luck, passing the buck and going behind people’s back. The last year and a half has been a painful and traumatizing journey and I shall have recurring nightmares, at least for the next few years.
Today, at last as I walk out of this office forever, I have finally found my freedom and my peace of mind. Please don’t keep in touch or I shall go to the police for harassment and stalking!!!