Saturday, December 8, 2007

Salsa @ SCMHRD!

A 5-day salsa workshop was the latest “cool” thing at SCMHRD… apart from the lure of learning a couple of neat tricks on the dance floor, it had its other advantages: for the couples in campus, it was an opportunity to strengthen the bond, literally… for the potential couples, it was an excuse to be together, and for the single-and-ready-to-mingle, it was another desperate attempt to find that elusive “partner”. And for most, it was just another way to try a new thing and spend more time with friends. As for me, well, I kind of balked at the idea at first… it was a romantic, intimate form of dance and I am not exactly a Shakira clone! I had learnt Bharatnatyam for nine years, and I badly wanted to explore the other end of the spectrum. So I reasoned with myself: what the heck, these couple of years at B-school are probably my last chance to make a complete fool of myself, do what I wanted without caring too much about being politically correct, and I intended to make full use of it! So the next five days would find me on the dance floor for one hour after lectures, trying to find my rhythm! It seemed a herculean task to co-ordinate my feet, hips and hands with those of my partner as I marveled the instructor’s flawless smooth movements… some people are just born without bones!! I am still waiting for the snaps to find out exactly how clumsy I looked!
At the end of the 5 days, I certainly found myself more comfortable with my own body, less inhibited and of course, 500 bucks poorer! But it was a worthwhile and enjoyable experience: just one more aspect of “holistic development” in a B-school….

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