Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gtalk Gibberish!

If you ask the Indian youth about the three most important things in their lives, their source of daily sustenance, the most common answer you will get is food, clothes and yeah, gtalk- the revolution that has made easier to communicate cheaply- forget about emails, expensive STD calls where you are counting the seconds, and definitely the fine art of letter writing. Yeah, while it’s easier to maintain long-distance relationships, it’s also simple to bond over chat and form new alliances. Now being an avid gtalk addict, I have come up with the following cost-benefit analysis (my MBA “education” hasn’t been a complete waste)…

1. It’s a sheer waste of resources: you save money, but end up being poorer in terms of time, productivity and quality of life.
2. More often than not, you end up talking rubbish to people with whom you wouldn’t otherwise even consider talking to.
3. While you are waiting impatiently for a particular person to come online, you have already exhausted yourself chatting with a million random “strangers”.
4. It’s easier to get caught by people whom you are particularly trying to avoid- teachers, creditors, annoyers…
5. It’s an addiction: there is smoking, drinking, drugs and then there is gtalk

1. It IS easy on the wallet, and as they say, ultimately everything can be monetized.
2. You get to get in touch with long-lost friends whom you would have otherwise forgotten and to your surprise, you renew the friendship (doesn’t happen often)
3. It’s simpler to get hold of that group member who is always missing (chances are he/ she is online)
4. You get to share files immediately without having to log in to your mail account
5. The fact that you can chat with multiple people at the same time, does save the pains of individual attention.

Ok, got to go, too many people are online 



Gtalk is at my command. I decide who I want to talk to.. I sign in on 'Invisible' mode.. Also, have been going through a huge 'I-don't-want-to-meet-new-people' phase, so, the mode helps.. I use blogs to meet people.. :-)

On the other hand, I don't think its that intrusive.. Neither would I give it too much credit..

I prefer Skype.. See, Talk, Chat.. Whatever!

Shimonti said...

@ apugonnab
Gtalk is ur command, but I am gtalk's command :( tht's the sad part