Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Resolutions or the lack of it...

It’s that time of the year again: yes, Christmas, New Year, birthday- all together. And like every year, I get super excited, I start making adventurous plans about how to usher in the new year, and top it up with extremely ambitious new year resolutions! No matter how different my plans or resolutions are, the end result is usually the same: i.e. I end up doing NOTHING adventurous or even remotely interesting on new year and I end up following none of my resolutions, which also explains why I still weigh approximately the same I used to some 3 years back (and I still can’t fit into the beautiful yet ambitious dress I bought two years back in the hope that someday I will fit into it)

So this year I have decided to make a different list, stating things I WILL NOT do in 2010:

1.Make unrealistic promises to myself, i.e. (losing weight, finding a job that pays a lot and involves a lot of writing, being in a fulfilling relationship)
2.Make plans of doing something noble and keep postponing the plan, i.e. (joining a gym, being a part of an NGO, getting in touch with long lost friends)
3.Well, basically making an ass of myself
But 2010 will be about simple things done right: i.e. being happy with myself (the way I am), not having too many expectations, not having too many forward looking plans, taking each day as it comes, laughing a lot, listening a lot, and yes, writing a LOT!!!!

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Imperfectionist said...

wat abt:
1. Improving "drinking" skills.
2. Being able to understand "bagati" jokes ;P
3. Stop cribbing about ".." (U knw who!)