Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Back Office Babe

So, my one month self-imposed unemployment phase is almost over and next week will witness the return of a brand new me, albeit doing the same old shit in the name of ‘research’.

For the past six months I have toyed with all sorts of profiles in all sorts of companies in all sorts of cities. After one particular exchange with my U.S. counterpart in my previous company I had almost decided that enough is enough, and I will no longer work in a support function supporting people whose cumulative intelligence is less than a five year old. In fact, I had somehow managed to get a ‘real job’ which offered ‘real work’ and ‘real learning’ in an Indian bank. However, unfortunately, the ‘real job’ refused to pay ‘real money’. And greedy that I am, especially in Mumbai and especially with sky-rocketing real estate rates, I chose instant gratification and shallow considerations over job satisfaction and meaningful work. Of course I convinced myself that ‘real banking’ isn’t my forte anyway, that I want to be a writer (which is actually true) and hence this job is more to ensure I have enough time and enough money to pursue my dream career in writing.

Hence I decided to stick to my present industry, as insignificant as it is.
Hence I decided to go with money and lifestyle over quality work.
Hence I decided to remain the back office babe (back office, yes, babe? That’s upto you to decide)


ssoggo said...

Oh I so understand this..! I am also in research, also in a job I hate, m slogging away so that I can (someday) go get my dream job of writing... :(

Just hang on for now.. Not much else to do anyway, is there?

Anonymous said...

came across your blog while surfing..you write really well. do pursue your dream, best wishes...for your new job too :-) btw, Have you read shantaram?


Priya Shankar said...

Hey! I know the feeling. looking for jobs is really hard... I've been avoiding it for such a long time, and am going back to being a student for another ten years JUST to avoid it.

Goood Lcuk with everything!!

Nefertiti said...

It's a relief to know that I am not the only confused person in this world!

thnks for dropping by and your wishes. Yeah, I did read shantaram. may be I should consider prison too! anything to make me get into writing a book.

lol! Even I have considered doing a PhD once i get sick of th corporate life. But the thought of studying is equally daunting.

Anonymous said...

hehehe, prison won't do any good..i don't have any experience btw :)

as much as i like reading your posts here, but in my opinion maybe if you could do without writing so frequently on this platform might help you focusing on your goal.


Makk said...

deciding, if you are babe or not, will time I guess, to be honest. :)

though I tend to believe you in hat matter.

Keep Smiling.