Monday, April 29, 2013

Drinking Mercury

Following my decision to embark on a journey to sainthood, I stacked my fridge with healthy vegetables, fruits and dairy products, staying away from my usual quota of fried snacks, aerated drinks and alcoholic drinks. But then it was Friday, and the obvious happened. A friend landed up and since she needed company to drink, I simply HAD to postpone my sainthood journey for a couple of days. But rest assured it HAS indeed begun.

I spent a major part of Saturday COOKING. Yes, I repeat, cooking, so much so that my cylinder ran out of gas, leaving me with half-cooked daal and veggies: a clear sign that nature is conspiring against my will to attain nirvana. But of course, I am not someone who gives up easily. So, despite the unexpected turn of events, I stayed away from eating out or ordering home delivery, surviving on sleep. I think life becomes so much easier if you can just sleep through your worries, hunger included.

But I also watched my first IPL match of the season. Dear readers, let me maintain a guilty silence of two seconds while you soak in this information…

So, why would I do something so irrational, so stupid, so downright pathetic? The answer is simple: Rahul Dravid! Ever since he retired from all forms of the game, I had been missing him, and when I ACCIDENTALLY came across his speech during the toss while channel-surfing, I simply didn’t have the heart to ignore him. So yes, I am not ashamed to admit that I watched an ENTIRE IPL match (full 40 overs plus the painstaking extra innings in between) between Rajasthan Royals and some other team (inconsequential).

To add to the-already pointless weekend, I also watched the pointless match between Arsenal and Manchester United. The latter having already won the League seemed to have to the ground straight from the bar after having a really long celebration, but even then managed to hold on to a 1-1 draw.

If purposelessness had to be redefined, this weekend may well be the new yardstick for it


Neil said...

You watched an entire IPL match?! Hold on for a second while I unfriend you on FB and remove all photos in which we are together.

Ive watched 2 balls of this seasons IPL and that is 2 balls too many. Try the NBA playoffs instead. I just might send you a friend request on FB.

Nefertiti said...


Welcome to the crazy ex-girlfriend club! you deserve a permanent membership for statements like this.

Neil said...

If I didnt know you so well I wouldve thought that you just insulted me!

Nefertiti said...

I did insult you...