Monday, May 13, 2013

Anything for a Hat Trick

Being an Indian MBA, I have this inherent knack to fix what’s not even broken, pretty much like our government. So even though the major aspects of my life are in a mess, I decided to focus on trivial things which frankly don’t really need any attention.

Like my hair, for instance. Ok, may be I do not have perfect hair, but it certainly did not deserve to be treated as unkindly as it was over the weekend.

When I started working four years back, and did not know what to do with money, I had decided on a whim to straighten it, which turned out to be a disaster. Not only did it cost me a bomb, I suffered from major hairfall and the flat, poker straight look did not even suit me. So when the effect finally wore out after a year of struggling with expensive shampoos and spa treatments, I was too happy to embrace my curly natural look back.

Ever since then, I haven’t really experimented much, settling for shoulder-length layers, happy with periodic trims, occasionally indulging a blow-dried look or the schoolgirl-with-a-hairband look which apparently did not look nice. Anyway, the point is that I have been too scared to mess with my hair and even in Manila, while SH forced me to get it shortened, the style remained the same.

Until this weekend, when I committed hara-kiri. Yes, it’s extremely hot in Bombay, yes, I am bored with my life in general and my hair in specific and yes, I need some excitement. But I could have just got an AC, or visited Colaba Causeway or simply turned on the TV for some IPL action. That would have solved my inherent need for comfort and enjoyment.

But no, I HAD to chop off my hair, and pay through my nose to let some fancy hair-lady take out all her frustrations on MY hair. Usually, whenever I visit a salon, I ALWAYS go for the cheapest option, i.e. some junior stylist who runs his scissors over my hair and tries to sell me a range of expensive hair products. But this time, since the junior stylists were ALL busy for the entire week, I had to go with a senior one, i.e. someone who simply HAS to overhaul my entire look and turn me into this alien from Avatar.

And the timing of this tragedy could not have been worse since tomorrow I have a video shoot for my company, even though it’s comforting to know that nobody will really watch it. What’s more depressing is that since my vacation is barely a week away, ALL my photos would be ruined, thanks to this stupid impulsive decision.

Time to bring out the hat; if only it was magical enough to produce a rabbit to turn back time


Neil said...


Nefertiti said...


is really.

Makk said...

you have knack of generally calling your impulses wrong after committing them and later realize there was something good in there.

Hold for sometime and you will start appreciating your new look probably. :)

Nefertiti said...

well I must admit that now that it's been more than a week and I am used to it, I quite like it :)

Makk said...

Keep Smiling like that last two syllables