Thursday, August 8, 2013

If Governor was a Banker

Ever since Raghuram Rajan (RR) became the governor of RBI, I have been wondering about what really drives really brilliant people? Random thought I know, but it’s not like I have a fledgling economy to revive. So I can afford to sit in my not-so-comfortable chair and discuss hypothetical situations with my equally useless and jobless friends.

But think about it, if RR, with all his illustrious credentials, became an Investment Banker, how different would his life be?

Now the world knows him… then a handful of corporate fatcats and a bunch of credit card/home loan/insurance companies would know him

Now his critics would be world renowned economists/policy makers… then a handful of snobbish B school grads and HR/IT will bitch behind his back

Now his impact is far-reaching, which gets talked about across the world… then a bunch of luxury builders/car manufacturers/Clubmahindra would have an escrow account in his name

Now he writes books like “Saving Capitalism from Capitalists”… then he would write self-help bestsellers like “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”

Now he is a respected world figure… then he would be a feared manager

Now he has a life to be proud of. Then he would have a lifestyle to be vain about

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