Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The moment of truth... FINALLY!

As I settle down in my new office with my new friends and new neighbours and new cats, the days of sleeping through training sessions is over. Now I am on projects, going through umpteen reviews and by the time my product is back after god knows how many edits, all that is left over are numerous track changes (IN RED) and nothing of the original piece is retained except my name (even the title goes through thorough transformations). It’s kind of heartbreaking when you have spent hours, when you have left office at 10 pm when everybody else have left, when you have worked on weekends and come to office at 8 on a Monday morning, but well, I am trying to learn to not get too emotionally attached to my product. And yes, I try to convince myself that I am still a good writer!
But the weekend was kind of eventful. Friday night when we finally left office at a godforsaken hour, we decided that it’s too lame to go home and so the only other option was to get drunk! I was tired, I was hungry and I was depressed and I figured that this was my best chance to get sloshed at minimum effort and cost. So yes, the marginal utility theory definitely was applicable here. And 800 bucks later I was there! I was high and happy, I lost my way back from the washroom, I struggled as I was helped down the stairs and into the auto and then into my flatmate’s arms at 1:30 am by an equally drunk padosi. And then, ladies and gentlemen, the moment of truth: yes, I FINALLY THREW UP!!! Something that had eluded me for so long no matter how hard I tried!
The next morning wasn’t nearly that much fun as I woke up with a terrible hangover made worse by the fact that both Shals and I overslept and didn’t open the door when the maid knocked which meant that I had to clean up the mess I had made. Then we played hosts for the first time as we shopped for groceries, stacked our fridge, spruced up our rooms (and ourselves too) with this “blue” theme: i.e. blue bedsheets, curtains and matching blue outfits but stopped short of the blue movie! And then the best part was that our adorable guests brought chocolates for us and then, and then, THEY COOKED ROASTED CHICKEN and French fries and Maggie at our humble home while WE ATE. Once more after our Kerala trip we experienced the magic of this certain mallu guy who is so passionate about cooking that he talks to the chicken as he stands there peeling off the muscles, the fat and the liver. And I quote him: “I have legs, I have breasts and I have wings!” and that definitely makes us scream, “Hot chick(en)”…
And finally rounding off the weekend was coming up with the “Theory of Cupboards” at 1 a.m. with my padosi who is now my padosi in every sense of the term!

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