Monday, December 5, 2011

Maximum City

Just when you are sick of this city, just when you think it has nothing more to give to you, just when you are pining for another vacation (it’s been almost a month since I got away, so yea, I am itching for a break), it opens up a new horizon just like that. I am talking about the first Times of India Literary Carnival held in the Mehboob Studio in Bandra.

I spent the whole of Sunday shuttling between Venue A and Venue B, the calendar in my pocket, excited like a schoolgirl. Now, thanks to my dad’s poor taste in friends, I have met a few of these CXO-type people, the who’s-who of the corporate world, and honestly, instead of being awed and inspired, I have always wondered what the big deal was. But yesterday, when I was faced with some of the eminent personalities in the field of journalism and literature, I felt a shiver down my back. True, I did stick out like a sore thumb despite my desperate attempt to blend in with my whole jeans-kurta-jhola-junk jewelry-generous dose of kohl get-up. This was an entirely new world and I was a wonderstruck kid trying to break into it, as I hung on to every word uttered on the podium by the likes of Bachi Karkaria, Vinod Mehta, Vikram Chandra, M J Akbar, Swapan Dasgupta, Jerry Rao, William Dalrymple to name a few. The only person I could identify with to some extent was Anuja Chauhan, the writer of the best-selling book, Zoya Factor (though I have no intentions to read it). After a long and successful career in advertising, she was also an outsider to this hallowed intellectual arena, as she sat perched up on the sofa, petite and confused, rarely opening her mouth (pretty much like me in most team meetings). It was only a sneak peek into my Garden of Eden, as I kept struggling to find the keys to it.

I also watched The Dirty Picture, the way it was meant to be watched: in a shady theatre on a Friday late night show, as we sat in the fourth row, right in front of the screen, amid rowdy men whistling each time Vidya Balan set the screen on fire (which was pretty much all the time). For a movie where the main cast was cleavage, Vidya Balan did manage to hold her own, albeit in the supporting role. Hats off to her for getting under the skin of the character, though the film was repetitive and tedious at most places.

And oh, I have a brand new 32” Sony LCD which has all these features that I have no intentions of using, but I got a good deal from a guy in Lamington Road, who knocked 20% off the MRP, and therefore I HAD TO HAVE IT, though I didn’t need it. Finally, to treat myself after all the hard work, I bought the most expensive pair of shoes EVER.
To think I spent so much on sports shoes… impulse purchases are so not worth it.

Anyway, now that I have a park close by, loads of eating joints right across the street, a TV AND a library membership, I just don’t have enough time to do all the things I want to do regularly: jog, read, write, eat out, watch back-to-back episodes of deranged serials. So I am seriously considering doing away with some of the excesses like WORK. Spending 10 hours everyday in that demented environment with people I don’t like doing things which doesn’t excite me is a sheer waste of time.

Time to set my priorities right...


Carpe Diem! said...

Oh, you attended that fest! I so wanted to but I had to go to college on the weekend. :( You know, this Saturday, I am going to Bandra with some Twitter friends to give out free hugs. Wanna come?

Also, you have no idea how jealous of you I am. :)

Soul said...

I am gonna attend jaipur Lit fest this year for sure!

Nefertiti said...

@carpe diem

college on a weekend? have u ever heard of the concept called BUNKING? and no, don't be jealous. you don't know me well enough to make an informed decision :)

Nefertiti said...


i know it sounds awesome. and it gives me an excuse to visit jaipur too... been dying to go to that part of the country.

Carpe Diem! said...

I've chosen a weekend course so that I can work AND study. (bloody stupid thing to do, I know. :/)

Kappu said...

That is some simply awesome way to spend the weekend! :) And let the dads-friends not nag your mind 'now'.. we'll been there soon! ;) *chuckles*

Setting your priorities right? Thought of writing a book? when 'You are here' can sell - I mean *tch-tch* ;) :D

Nefertiti said...

thanks... and yes, I do wonder how some of these modern day Indian fiction manage to get published AND sold, while the world remains oblivious to my literary genius!!! No justice, I tell you :(