Friday, December 23, 2011

Welcome to the Working Week

This time of the year is the best at least as far as work is concerned. In the two and a half years of corporate life, I have learnt a very important lesson: NEVER take leave during the last week of December because most people (including your boss) are on vacation which makes your life so much better. It’s like vacation without vacation and you wouldn’t want to waste your precious 21 days by taking a break around this time.

So a typical day at work for me around this time goes like this:

1.Come to work thirty minutes later than I usually do
2.Check emails, have coffee
3.Fiddle around on my blog
4.Take a breakfast break
5.Read newspaper editorials
6.Take coffee/bitching break
7.Read other people’s blogs
8.Take lunch break
9.Listen to Sada Haq at maximum volume to ignore the loud people around you and keep an excel sheet open, pretending to work
10.Take coffee/bitching break
11.Check out yatra/make my trip/cleartrip sites and plan vacations for next year
12.Make frustration noises as if you are neck deep in work
13.Check out snapdeal/timesdeal for a good bargain
14.Take coffee/bitching break
15.Read random articles online
16.Sigh and say “I am so tired” and go home

I like the work life-life balance, even though it’s shortlived…

5 comments: said...

hahahaaha .... ditto :)

Carpe Diem! said...

hahah! Perfect!! :) Unfortunately, a teacher can never do these things. But also, our work hours are MUCH lesser than yours. So, I'm not complaining. :P

survivingbrain said...

lucky you !!!

may be i should try that too.. only thing, i will be the only one at office, and that all my team is on leave so that leaves me no one to shout at.

Office is too boring when you dont have anyone to shout at...

~ Mohit said...

Ditto ... All of that ...

Nefertiti said...

@mohit, the orchestra of life

glad to know I am not the only weasel here...

@carpe diem

enjoy while it lasts

congratulations!!! you are well on your way to becoming the painful boss. we all hate him!