Thursday, May 24, 2012

When History Beckons

Disclaimer: This is an extremely shallow and incredibly girly post (unlike my OTHER posts, which are deep, meaningful and replete with wisdom)…

So the only thing better than traveling is the pre-travel shopping. I know you are supposed to buy stuff during your trip and not before it, but if the destination in question is an expensive Western European country, and if you are going at a time when the INR has touched a record low and the Euro-Rupee exchange rate is as high as the average age of our politicians, you are left with no option but to be happy with our desi brands.

So yes, for the last 10 days, I have explored the shadiest corners of Mumbai, trying to find cheap holiday clothes, shoes and accessories apart from the usual rounds at the malls. Walking six and a half hours in the heat in Linking Road/Hill Road/Waterfield Road is well worth it, because you can find clothes/chappals cheaper than petrol. I bought a host of colourful bangles, bracelets, earrings and hairclips at dirt cheap prices, awfully cute chappals for 80 bucks (yes, I kid you not) and export-reject dresses and scarves at throwaway rates.

Of course, I had already visited the showrooms (henceforth referred to as temples) and splurged on ridiculously expensive stuff which I would never wear again, including a tunic dress from Vero Moda and a jumpsuit, which makes me look like a clown at a birthday party. Really, what was I thinking?

But that’s the beauty of holiday shopping. You don’t think; you just go with the flow, especially if the place in question is beautiful, romantic and straight out of the history books. The land of Julius Caesar, Michelangelo and Leonardo Di Vinci beckons to me.

Yes, I am off to Italy for two weeks tomorrow night


Childwoman said...

Dude, I wanted to go shopping too. I too need to buy clothes for my Leh trip. I wish I wuld have come along with you. I suck at shopping. Big time

Childwoman said...

and BTW I am never far away from Hill road or linking road!! :)

~ Mohit said...

Amazing. Have an awesome trip.

xibi said...

Wish you a very happy and safe trip!!!

Nefertiti said...

ahhh... let me come back from my trip; then we shall go shopping :)

will do will do... thanks!!!

thank you thank you... can't stop smiling :)

Kappu said...

OMG, slippers seriously at petrol rate!! In fact that makes me question how many slippers I could have bought, instead of filling my Scooty tank today – on a Monday morning – for the week ahead. SIGHS. Life gives you bargains that are not even worth inspecting.

Cheers!!! do stop by my blog, Kappu

Nefertiti said...


see, the upside of public transport and walking!!

and yes, I do stop by your blog though not as often as I would like to! keep writing...