Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Jungle Book

This is a guest post by a close friend who is also in the same industry as I am, but in a different organization.

“Once upon a time, our maid used to scare me by saying, “If you are naughty, you will go to hell.” But years later, I have realized that if she REALLY wanted to frighten me, she should have said, “If you are naughty, you will go to an Investment Bank.”

Especially now that it’s the season for appraisals, the office environment has transformed into a jungle from a zoo, note the increase in wildness and emphasis on food chain.

So, I spent a pleasurable morning imagining the animal equivalents of all the people around me, and it never fails to amaze me, how appropriate they are in real life.

My manager, who is an incompetent nincompoop: A monkey who is sporting stolen jewels

His boss: The jackal, plotting and cunning, watching everyone, scheming all the time

His boss: Some unidentified animal in a lion's outfit... ruling the place at his whim, roaring at the weaker species while bowing down to the stronger ones

The aggressive chick who is hardworking but self-obsessed and mean to the core: The jungle cat

The guy who with bad English and a thick accent: The village buffalo who accidentally gets lost in the wilderness, but trudges his way through anyway

The campus recruit who has the airs of Bill Gates and who suddenly started lying abt having 4 years of experience: The chicken who went to B school and believes he is a peacock after sticking a few feathers on his tail

Me: An ant to be treaded upon by all the heavyweights or cornered by a bunch of hyenas

P.S.: Nefertiti, you don’t know how lucky you are…”

9 comments: said...

This is the reason I just love Investment Banking and Bankers.
I find it highly entertaining. For me, it is the mother of all reality shows/dramas going on in this world !

Anonymous said...

yay yay yay!!!

Thanks shimonti!!!

This is sooo much fun!!!


Makk said...

Nefer,,, she must have given you PS because she has not identified you with anything in jungle is seems.. :)

SP: Starting a blog at your own might not be a bad idea for you, it doesnt die even if you dont feed it for some time, you know... :)

xibi said...

Nice one !!!

Jay said...

you forgot that rat ,who rats you out to lion :D

r!chss said...

This post is actually a stroke to the boundary..i cn imagine my organization in it..

Nefertiti said...
it IS indeed the most hilarious of all reality shows! wonder why some tv channel hasn't jumped on the bandwagon...

well, I identify with every bit of it...

we are both victims of the jungle.

since the writer wants to remain anonymous, I shall pass on the comopliments.

ah of course, the RAT! How could we miss that... and welcome. keep reading

ohhh thank you (on behalf of the original writer), and some elements are present in most organizations across industries I guess...

Makk said...

She has identified herself as ant.

and I am sure you are atleast not ant,

Makk said...

Writer wants to be anonymous.. lolzzz

and then she writes her name..:)