Monday, July 16, 2012

Take Me OUT of the Paradise City

You know those weekends, when you feel good because you are doing something ‘cool’, but secretly, you wish you could just sit at home and watch Comedy Central? Well, every once in a while I go through such ‘happening’ weekends, where we go to the newest and ‘happening’ places in town/Bandra, and come back home at some godforsaken hour, poorer, fatigued and drenched in the rain.

So yes, we went to this new place called “The Big Nasty” in Carter Road, where we had been trying to go for the last three weeks. But no self-respecting new place in Bandra will let you in if you aren’t some page 3 regular/know some page 3 regular, so each time we had been turned away unceremoniously, which only made us more determined. Remember being in Class III, when your parents wouldn’t let you watch Swabhimaan, and that would make you even more curious about what was so mysterious about it! Finally, this resourceful friend of mine managed to use her connections and get us a table at one corner, where we sat for a couple of hours, literally cornered. No waiter, worth his while would serve us; half the food we ordered just never came; and god forbid, if you dare to ask for ice-cubes, water or tissue paper. As for the ambience, it was a garage pub, with minimal décor. Not too many places live up to its name; but this one sure did, which reminds me, if I mess up my place a little more, I could start my own Small Nasty in Hiranandani.

If that wasn’t enough torture, I let myself be persuaded for my very first Hindi play, Humsafar (make that Hum Suffer) in Prithivi Theatre. While I simply love the old-world charm of Janki Kutir, which houses the theatre, a quaint old café and a bookshop, an emotionally draining, serious diatribe on a divorced couple’s dysfunctional life is so not my cup of tea for a Sunday evening. Yes, the performances by Harsh Chhaya (remember Swabhimaan? Why do I keep thinking of that serial so much?) and Lubna Salim were powerful, yes Gulazaar’s lyrics moved the crowd to tears (not me, because I am not intellectual enough to appreciate Urdu shayari) and yes, apparently it portrayed the intricacies of a troubled marriage very effectively. But dude, give me a break. A smooth talking cheating husband, a loudmouth bitter wife and a couple of badly brought up kids may be the middle-class reality, but I prefer to live in my own Fool’s Paradise, which is located diametrically opposite to Realityville.

When life throws a lemon at you, you can of course make lemonade out of it; but isn’t it much easier to just order home delivery of alcohol?


Makk said...

So what did you order?

btw who supply alcohol as home delivery?? in India??

Please share the connection, its badly needed.

Jay said...

^ ditto.

I have never tried home delivery of Alcohol.May be apart from a pint of beer or wine.

@topic : Rarely have I found any pub where quality of food or alcohol is decent. Food you may still be able to digest but quality of alcohol is usually abysmal.

Nefertiti said...

how does it matter what we ordered. it was never served. And if you are in Mumbai, any local alcohol shop usually provides home delivery. at least, that's how it is in my locality.

I am not really fussy about quality. But bad service is something I can't tolerate and here it was simply abysmal.

Kappu said...


Hey hey hey! and so...You are tagged in this post! Do stop by my blog and take a look!- Kappu

It will be great if you can write a post on it!


Nefertiti said...


hey did check it out. awesome answers. now I do know you a little bit, but I am sure there is plenty I still don't :)

I am a little slow on the thinking part, so let me see if I can manage to answer ALL those questions.

~ Mohit said...

Plays in Hindi. You got to be very selective else you will end up ruining the taste and your perception. Have seen a few real awesome ones at Prithvi during PG days. Let me be back to Mumbai and let u know should there be a real good one coming up. For now, try to look for Kishan Vs Kanhaiya (before they damn make a movie out of it), Tumhaari Amrita (havenot seen it myself but heard its good), Shakkar ke paanch daane et al..
Btw, Leh pics are up (someof them atleast). You on my FB? Can check there and do plan a visit sometime arnd. Its super awesome...

Nefertiti said...

Ya,even I have heard of Tumhaari Amrita. Should definitely check it out sometime.

and you can add me or send the link to the pics

~ Mohit said...

Sent,friend request. What sending link and all... And u didnt like trek??? Did u try letscampout??? Do give it a shot...

Nefertiti said...


yea saw the pics... pretty awesome! this trek was organized by jungle lore... it was quite nicely done and the trainers and the food were really good. just that I am simply not a trekking person :(

and i did call letscampout as well. the problem was for that trek you had to reach the venue by yourself, which is a bit of a pain...may be next year when I recover from this one, I shall try something with them

~ Mohit said...

Oh u did... U must have come and left stealthily then. Didnt notice ur visit on my FB page :-)
On trek,yeah. They get strenuous at times. I am out of Mumbai these days (why? Will tell u separately).. Once am back,will go out in the rains somewhere and just chill. Missing Mum rains like anything...