Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Suddenly everybody seems to be in their annual review mode now that the year has ended and a new one has begun: so yes, TV and radio channels are out with their “best of 2012” playlists, newspapers are churning out articles on the “key highlights of 2012” and bloggers are coming up with their two cents on “the year that was”.

Of course, everybody with a weight problem have made new year resolutions starting with “lose incredibly unrealistic amount of weight in 2013”, everybody unhappy with their job have decided that “they will revamp their career this year and move to the Gulf/Asia Pacific” while everybody in the Gulf/Asia Pacific have decided that “they will come back to their hometown in Jhumritalaiya to look after old parents” and everybody with relationship problems have made up their mind “to meet their soulmate on xxx matrimonial site and live happily ever after” while everybody married have vowed “to live life on their own terms and no longer be stifled”.

Now, since I have ALL the above mentioned “problems”, why should I also not join the bandwagon? Why should I miss out on this opportunity to “look back, reflect and plan the way forward”. As it is, I am someone who simply hates the “take it as it comes” kind of spontaneity; I have this compulsive NEED to KNOW what shade of pink I would wear in my friend’s cousin’s flatmate’s wedding, the date for which is not yet fixed.

So, yes, I would divide my New Year blueprint in three main sections: “the year that was”, “the year that I plan” and “the year that will actually be”:

A.The Year that Was: It sucked.
But I read a fair bit, wrote a fair bit and traveled a fair bit.

B.The Year that I Plan: It would be life changing.
•I shall lose 8.34 kgs.
•I shall find a job which lets me travel a lot, write a lot and pays a lot.
•I shall meet this really rich, handsome, versatile, witty, humble, well-read, well-traveled, honest, responsible guy who is not gay and who will fall helplessly in love with me the minute he sets his eyes on me, even though I am being myself (i.e. rude, messy, non-homely, non-pretty and incredibly sarcastic).

C.The Year that it Will Actually Be: It will suck.
But I shall read a fair bit, write a fair bit and travel a fair bit.

And may be, just may be, I can spend less time playing freecell.

So here’s to a happy new year: may it be the one where Manmohan Singh finally speaks up


s4ur4bh said...

Inshallah for the 8.34 bit.Nice post btw!

Nefertiti said...


thank you! and the weight loss resolution has been on the cards for a decade now...

xibi said...

years go by with out much change in the course of life!!!

survivingbrain said...

8.34 ??
So your weighing machine has an accuracy of two decimal points??

"rich, handsome, versatile, witty, humble, well-read, well-traveled, honest, responsible guy"


Nefertiti said...

words of wisdom indeed...

are you doubting my weighing machine? I have done so for ages now.
and you forgot non-gay... that's very imp!

Neil said...

If you want to find really rich, handsome, versatile, witty, humble, well-read, well-traveled, honest, responsible and not gay, you will probably have to settle for 3 different guys. Maybe 4. All in one doesnt exist for sure.

Nefertiti said...

more the better!

Neil said...

That was the sound of my jaw dropping to the floor ....