Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I will be watching you...

Are you one of those people who indulge in online window shopping, who order everything from books to clothes to shoes to accessories from any of the online channels mushrooming in India and who simply can’t resist sending gifts directly home delivered to some friend/relative, who is left hapless wondering how that ugly pair of heels landed at her doorstep?

In other words, are you one of those new-age yuppies who live the virtual life: from social networking to ordering food to shopping to reading?

Now, I am strictly old-fashioned when it comes to using technology to make my life easier. No thanks, I like to WORK HARD to derive some pleasure from my daily existence. While my social network presence is minimal (except this blog, the only place where I am relatively active), I am also not too fond of online shopping, partly because I am scared that I shall become addicted and mostly because I simply CANNOT buy stuff without touching it or feeling it on my body. Yes, the dress may look awesome on the model on screen, but most likely, I would end up looking like Kamal Hassan in Chachi 420 in the same outfit. So, very judiciously, I had limited my online purchases to books while continuing to bask in my aura of happiness in five-hour shopping stints during the Sale season, jostling through crowded malls, wasting precious hours waiting outside Trial Rooms and spending obscene amounts of money on transport, eating out and impulsive shopping, all of which complement the actual planned shopping expedition!

Until this week, when I decided to buy a new watch. I religiously visited all the familiar retail chains to find that perfect watch, but somehow nothing caught my watchful eye. So I reluctantly decided to check out the collection on Flipkart, and much to my surprise, I was greeted with unlimited options, across brands/colours/shapes, well within my specified budget. As I gleefully explored the options, I finally zeroed in on this watch. Now I would have never imagined in my wildest of materialistic dreams that I would get a Tommy Hilfiger watch for 3000 bucks! As expected I got totally carried away with the deal, and continued to shop online, splurging on the most unnecessary items, which included a dumbbell and a smartphone for my dad.

So as I gradually embrace the joys of virtual shopping, as I become more attuned to the vices of technology and as I give in to popular social mores, I still remember my first watch which my parents bought me when I was in the sixth standard, stepping into the ‘prestigious’ High School building.

It was a Titan watch for about 500 bucks which kept me company for all the important exams in my life


Neil said...

Welcome to the evil world of online shopping.

P.S - Getting yourself a dumbbell is funny in more ways than one!

Nefertiti said...

it IS evil. Dumbbell is funny is it? Wait till I come there and laugh at you!!

Priya K said...

Yup.. Even I was somewhat hesitant to online shopping until flipkart came.. I got discounts on most of the things I ordered like cosmetic products, books, small gadgets.. They were reall brilliant until one day I got one of cosmetics really in a bad state.. Half of t had oozed out.. So I have decided to stay out of it now on.. Nice post and thanks for sharing your views..

Anonymous said...

dont be mean! its not.funny in many ways..only 1! :-P

Nefertiti said...

@Priya K

ohh... I shall be more careful about the stuff I order then.

continued meanness...