Friday, July 5, 2013

Tequila Sunrise

Most of my friends/batchmates are at the threshold of 30 or already past 30. Seems like yesterday since we all passed out and entered the corporate world with rose-tinted glasses. Four years and some reality checks later, we are now a bunch of cynical, “been there, done that and have the wedding pic to prove it” sort of people. However, what has changed though is the subtle differences among us. Fresh out of campus, we were all in the same stage in life: most of us were languishing in some company where we were not happy, earning almost the same amount of money, drinking the same beer and chasing the same illusion of being with the dream guy/girl.

But over the last few years, things have changed and how. Now there are three distinct categories of people:

a)The Parenthood lot: These are the ones who mostly got married within the first year after graduation and have now embraced motherhood/fatherhood as easily and as naturally as they used to down Old Monk in college.

b)The Two for the Road lot: These are the ones who are making the most of the double income and the full-time companion. They are usually missing from the social scene and you would mostly find out about them through Facebook, when they post the most obnoxious pictures of themselves in random countries. Or in Café Coffee Day, wearing shorts and two dozen bangles. (check my Facebook notifications for proof)

c)The Bridget Jones lot: These are the ones like me, who are still lurking around, leading a bohemian life, without any clue about their personal or professional lives. So we meet others of the same species, get drunk or go on trips together and assure each other that all is well, that age is JUST a number and that it’s okay to follow your dreams even though you are not quite sure what those dreams are. But the lack of responsibilities also give us that extra flexibility, which make us a little more rebellious, a little more headstrong and a little more non-conformist. Some of us are not scared to throw it all way and jump into the ocean even they don’t know how to swim. Life for us is just another morning after hangover, where the previous night is a blur and the way forward is inconsequential!

Ten years back if you had asked me, if I had envisioned this life for myself, I would have innocently puckered my lips and said, “But I am going to be an engineer, work with TCS, get married at 24 and have two kids before 30!”

The truth, though, is something very different


xibi said...


SH said...

I'm looking
for people with shorts and 2 dozen bangles?!

Nefertiti said...

ohh welcome to the club!

your faridabad is a good place to start your search!

Smita said...

lol!! Need to peep into ur FB account to find the bangles!!! ;-)

Nefertiti said...


oh you will find them in ANYBODY's facebook... internet is infested with such pics!