Friday, October 4, 2013


After three months of struggle, multiple visits to the Passport Office and the Police Station, numerous phone calls and emails, my tussle with the combined force of the bureaucracy and the police has finally come to an end.

I have finally earned the right to freedom without having to pay any bribes, even though the amount I spent on documentation, phone calls and traveling to aforementioned offices was considerably higher.

I have finally renewed my passport


s4ur4bh said...

Mubarak MemSaab

Nefertiti said...


thank you! quite an achievement I do agree :)

mum_pass said...

hi, just stumbled across your blog googling for "Powai police station police verification". can you please help me details like which police to contact? would really appreciate any guidance. I just went first time to passport ofc ..they asked me to come back next week.

mum_pass said...

forgot to mention that i also fall in the powai limits

Nefertiti said...

it depends on how the passport office processes your application. if you don't have any address change issue, then mostly you would just get your passport without having to visit the police station. of course, if they say your passport is subject to police verification then you need to get in touch with the powai police station and they would guide you regarding the procedure.
Just be polite and patient and treat them with respect and they are quite helpful.

hope it helps. and hope you keep reading :)