Sunday, April 29, 2007

World Cup 2007: An anticlimax!

Well it's all over: the much-awaited Carribbean Crusade and it turned out to be a pretty bland and unprofitable affair- so much for all the hype. Apart from a few sparks of brilliance from B'desh and Ireland, there wasn't much to talk about (except perhaps the murder of Bob Woolmer): no nail biting finish, no match which went right down to the wire, even the semis and the final were pretty much onesided. of course, with India and Pakistan not even making it to the super eight, cricket world cup was no longer a religious festival... even i was pretty much an aetheist this time around. What with the match fixing scandal raising its ugly head once more, the super commercialisation of the game and the Woolmer tragedy, cricket has lost its sanctity!
It's a pity that teo of my fav sports (cricket n tennis) are fast becoming a one man show: as australia bulldozed its way to a record third consecutive WC victory, it has now become unparalleled in the game (never mind its losing streak prior to the event- when the going gets tough, the tough gets going), and of course, Roger Federer is invincible... am so bored to death!!
Having said that, WC 2011 will hold the same interest!! We have a poor memory, and Team India does its best to remind us time and again!

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