Monday, July 2, 2007

Milap 2007

Somehow I have survived one month in a B-school, and last Saturday, for the first time, we had something which could actually qualify as “FUN”!!! For starters, the dress code was “strictly party wear”, a welcome break from the regular monotony of the 3-piece salwar suits! After all, it was Milap 2007, the traditional programme where we juniors welcome our seniors who are back in campus after working so hard for their Summers (here I am reserving my judgments). It works something like this: we slog ourselves till the early hours of morning practicing our dance routines, skits n honing our singing talents in spite of a deadly schedule, rains and annoying foundation exams, take the trouble to extend an artistically created invitations and the seniors turn up fashionably late in their pyjamas, and then ruthlessly boo our performances….
It was a bad start as we faced technical glitches and those boorish idiots (some of them dressed up as ridiculous clowns) started chanting not-so-kind slogans! However the rest of the show went off quite smoothly, with stellar performances from the singing group and the dance troups which really involved the crowd. At some point most of the crowd was up on the stage and somewhat turned a classic performance into a roadshow!! But it was a rare occasion when we lost all our inhibitions and let our hair down. The day finally ended at midnight, all in good humour, but the fun was just beginning! A few people went to the nearby restaurant for a few pegs which turned into a few more and eventually ended in some drunken revelry with some interference from the local police. The fun in the campus was not far behind as we got drenched in the rain while “dancing in the dark” with a few seniors throwing dustbins from their rooms upstairs! Finally we girls were sitting in a group at 1 am in the morning chatting and mourning the absence of hot guys, while our sweet brothers in the boys hostel called up, and started singing “Summer of 69” and “Hotel California” as we rocked on the not-so-melodious but amazingly sweet music bellowing from the mobile loudspeaker.
We ended the day, tired but happy, and all geared up for Aarambh next week!