Sunday, January 27, 2008


Usually I hate doing interviews- it's a thankless exercise to first listen to boring presentations by industry bigwigs and then cajole them to disclose more details about their personal and professional lives especially when they are pressed for time. Unfortunately it's a professional hazard for CorpCom people. However, on Republic Day I had the opportunity to interact with a revolutionary personality- young, brash and arrogant, he had all the elements of the ruthless, I-give-a-damn entrepreneur! An alumni of SCMHRD, he had started his organisation which dealt in the purchase & sale of horses along with advisory consultancy- it is a niche, luxary segment catering to the cream of society, low in volume but high in value. And at 28, he was rubbing shoulders with Page 3 people, affording an enviable lifestyle and most importantly, pursuing his passion with all the freedom in the world. His business thrives in the lack of players in the market and he acknowledged it was a fairly safe bet with loads of growth opportunity. Well, as of now, he is riding high all right, though I still think it was kind of cheap to transfer us from Barista (our meeting point) to the nearby coffee shop especially for somebody who was clearly familiar with the Color of Money!

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