Friday, April 11, 2008

am an analyst!!

Today was my first day on the floor, i.e. I have finally completed my training (unlearnt everything taught in college and started afresh) and have been assigned to a “live project”. The best thing about being in a consulting firm is that every Tom, Dick and Harry has the respectable designation of an “analyst” which sounds awesome even though the job mainly entails a refined version of “cut, copy, paste”. But hey, I am not complaining: Deloitte has been really kind to me- be it facilities, treatment, knowledge sharing, time or money!
Right now I have a workstation at a far corner, sparsely populated, and the kind of work which requires very little interaction with people (which suits me wonderfully) and the nature of work is the closest to what I would love to do for a living: read a lot, assimilate the information overload and analyse it in a simple, precise form. May be it will become boring and repetitive in the course of time, but as of now I feel, well “peaceful and contented”.

But I suddenly miss IDBI- the familiar people, the familiar routine, the easy life and my recurrent banters with my boss! Most of all, I miss Pravin bhaiyya and Anil Kapoor, the two office boys who took very good care of me. I am sure they are not aware of the existence of blogs (especially mine) but yeah, I do miss you guys, the awesome coffee you made and the way you used to scold me if I missed my lunch!

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