Wednesday, April 2, 2008

DAY 1!

After 6 months of waiting, my summer internship has finally started! Well, technically it will start tomorrow. But I am already in Hyderabad, all geared up to begin my first day at work, one year after I quit IDBI!

However it was quite a bumpy ride to the city from Mumbai. First my luggage was over the allowed limit, so I had to make one of the heavy bags as hand luggage. Incidentally it had all kinds of suspicious liquids in suspicious bottles (mostly “stolen” from different hotels) and so security asked all sorts of questions and informed that it wasn’t allowed! I managed to give him my innocent smile and wide-eyed vulnerable look, told him that I am shifting to Hyderabad for my first job and made my puppy-dog “how can I be a terrorist?” face! Thankfully it worked and I was allowed to board- with all my shampoos and perfumes and lotions!

Next I looked like a school kid weighed by three heavy bags, disheveled and with a sprained neck. Then I dropped coffee on my co-passenger and I swear to god it was an accident- I had no intention to make him look like he had pee-ed in his pants
But once in Hyderabad, things have been pretty cool so far! Weather is decent, the company guest house seems awesome (and I have single accommodation for the first time since I left home 6 years back… pity I have no one to enjoy the privacy with…) and every thing seems to be in order.

More updates tomorrow, once I go to office! As of now, I just have new shoes and good clothes and no freaking clue what I am supposed to do!!

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