Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rendezvous with a potential murderer!

So like a prized idiot I am back on campus, even though most of my batch mates are still getting pampered at home. I mean, I am the kind who has a serious apathy towards studies, so me being one of the earliest to report is kind of uncharacteristic… guess I don’t hate my college so much after all!! And ahem, I am a senior now and the next year promises to be the best with loads of parties, holidays, city trips and eating out (and putting on weight)…

We started the second year in grand style as me and a few other losers (who are also back on campus because their parents got tired of them) went for an impromptu trek when we didn’t get movie tickets… Dressed inappropriately for a steep climb, we nevertheless panted up the slope: overweight and overaged people huffing and puffing our way to the top! We were almost there, when we met a couple of local guys: ordinary people with sticks in their hands, the kinds you meet in local trains every day. But as one of them started talking to a guy in our group, the rest of us froze, as he casually told us: “Mujhe kisi ka quatil karna hai… aap log jaldi yaha se chale jao”. While I was relieved that we weren’t his chosen victims, a part of me felt kind of inadequate. Why didn’t he even consider us for fulfilling his cherished ambition of being a murderer? Are we not good enough or strong enough? Did he think we were too easy a prey? After all we were five men and two extremely strong women (yeah I am one of the female wrestlers)… still he didn’t consider us a big enough challenge? Yes, the guys are not-so-young and not-so-strong morons, and while I may look obese, I would have started crying at any sign of violence- but he didn’t know it right… So I wasn’t altogether flattered. But hey, life comes before pride, so we judiciously lost ourselves from there. As we turned back, one of us wondered whether he should tell our “aspiring quatil” that he might want to consider a change of weapon to be successful in his mission: a thin stick is hardly the way to go about your life’s cherished ambition.


Maverick said...

So managed to shed those extra kilos ? or was this trek a part of your trial in that direction..:)

Germ said...

Chuckle thats amusing.. so where had you gone trekking to? I certainly don't wanna bump into potential 'quatils' the next time I am in Pune :-/

Shimonti said...

@ maverick
with 10 chocs a day, i dont think I will shed those extra pounds (or stones) anytime soon... but its ok, i dnt hv a social life nyways!

good to c u bck lady! dunno whr we went trekking, some obscure plc tht my frnds call "crater"... more than a 'quatil' u r likely to bump into drunk men who hv lost it