Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer of 2008!

End of two months, end of summers, end of Hyderabad and yeah, end of Deloitte too!
Somebody asked me to describe the experience in three independent words: my answer was “Awesome, Fattening and EnRICHing” and it couldn’t be more aptly described. I know during our final presentation (which kind of went well I must say) we talked about first experience in the corporate world, the Deloitte work culture, and all that jazz. But my biggest takeaway was the respect I have received here. Usually trainees are treated as a nuisance (yeah, I am speaking from first-hand experience), a cost-centre who get in the way and erode company resources (stationary, work station, and yeah, the coffee vending machine). But here we have been made to feel a part of the organization, we were given an opportunity to really be involved and motivated to give our best: even I like to work at times and not just be wasted!

Things I will miss about Deloitte:
1. The people- they have been simply awesome
2. The other interns- they were a major pain, but I will miss them
3. The guest house food (in fact Hyderabad is THE BEST PLACE TO GET FAT)
4. The subsidized Barista
5. And yeah, the work culture too (it’s not just on paper)

Things I won’t miss:
1. The American English (I mean the first thing I learnt in school was that it’s colour and not color, flavour and not flavor. But here I unlearn it again… IT HURTS!)
2. The excessive focus on formatting (It drove me insane)
3. The lack of creative freedom (yeah, corporate life rarely allows for it, but hey, I am still young and idealistic…)
4. Certain people (ahem… I will leave it at that)
5. The fake accents

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