Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wait for it...

Ok, so three of the top five firms of The Wall Street have collapsed, my brother is struggling in one of the remaining two, stranded in Hong Kong, wondering if he will be next, my dad is worried sick about the impact of the global financial meltdown on the Indian markets and how it will affect his company’s rights issue, and all the economists of all the papers are crying themselves hoarse and deriving a perverse pleasure in this turmoil, as the job market is suddenly flooded by CVs of hotshot ex-Investment bankers. While all of us take refuge in discussing this gloomy state of affairs, we find safety in numbers, in the comfort of knowing that all of us are in it together. With the placement season knocking on the doors, it’s a nerve-wracking situation, not knowing what’s in store for us, and suddenly the focus has shifted from negotiating for better profiles and higher salaries to just getting placed. It’s kind of depressing and I have found a new way to deal with it: the answer to my prayers is, wait for it,… “How I met your mother”!

For the uninitiated, it’s the new obsession that’s doing the rounds in our campus, the FRIENDS of this decade which revolves around the lives of five very different people- Lily and Marshall, the eternal couple, eternally joined at the hip; the romantic Ted who is every girl’s hero and the Canadian beauty, Robin, who, in spite of her chemistry with Ted can’t seem to make it work; and of course there is the legendary Barney, the charming womanizer whom you would just love to hate… Neil Patrick Harris in the role is simply AWESOME!! I loved him as the teenaged Doogie Howser, and I still love him in his new avatar. I have always been a hardcore FRIENDS loyalist, no loyalist is a mild term, I mean I am obsessed with FRIENDS (and the obsession reaches its peak with Ross), but suddenly this new series finds me lying around in my bed, glued to the laptop through the day, skipping meals, classes and human beings. Anything for a little light-hearted laugh; trust me, these days it’s hard to come by!

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