Friday, December 5, 2008

The Importance of Being Earnest!

Suddenly I am in a phase where I am at peace with myself, I no longer need constant reassurance, I no longer feel short changed, I no longer want to crib about the petty things in life- placements, grades, popularity, recognition… (though weight continues to be a pressing paranoia) and most importantly, I no longer feel the chronic need to sms! That’s like a HUGE relief, like freedom from some age old bondage…

I think the recent Mumbai blasts and the economic recession have something to do with it. Innocent people are dying for no fault of theirs, human life has just become like any other perishable commodity, thousands of people are being given pink slips without any warning and every day newspapers are full of one grim story or another- and that kind of puts your life in perspective, makes you a little guilty and probably helps you to appreciate your own life a little more! When you are busy mourning the lack of that extra one lakh in your package, there are people around you with families who have been shown the door. When you are sitting at Tamanna cafe cribbing about the service, another hotel in Mumbai is being set on fire. May be my dad does have a point when he calls me an ungrateful greedy wretch…but yeah I do miss the smsing: it’s been a part of me ever since I learnt how to operate a mobile phone, it’s my way of expressing myself, it’s my way of communicating and it’s my way to make my point! All the important realizations in my life were over text messages. But this part of my life is called… growing up!!

And am reading again.... color purple, liar's poker, shantaram... reading kind of makes life better than it actually is! n m trying to be happy, n m slightly incoherrent n slightly befuddled. dad's birthday tomorrow, but more than that, it reminds me of babri masjid attacks!