Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kerala Trip (contd)

Day four offered the best of Kerala as we cruised through the backwaters of Aleppi in a houseboat complete with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room with deck chairs and sofas and dining table. We tried our hand at fishing and rowing and even plucked coconuts from the trees when the boat was docked for lunch. They served a delicious meal (I ate fish after almost a decade: hereby I admit shamefully that I am a pseudo bong) in the boat itself. But I did find my drink! the only reason I am a teetotaler is that I don't like the taste of alcohol (except my occasional tryst with vodka)but the country liquor (fermented coconut) that I tasted in the boat was like made for me and most importantly it was cheap! For 80 bucks we got a litre of it and it didn't take me too long to finish it. Finally the cruise came to an end around six in the evening and by then most of us had posed for like a million photographs ready to inflict them upon thousands of unsuspecting singles in the matrimonial space. So hereby I warn you: DO NOT BE FOOLED!! Our guys aren’t as hot as they look; it’s the magic of camera and the cameramen. It was a long drive from Aleppi to Punalur- Thomas’ native place and once more we invaded his serene home as twelve of us bathed and dined and embarrassed Thomas nearly driving his mom crazy. But she was undoubtedly the best cook I know, and I can still taste the fish curry and mutton biryani that she made for us. After a sumptuous dinner we spent the night at their house in the rubber plantation in the middle of nowhere- dark, secluded, amidst the jungle- it seemed formidable to people like us, used to the cold comforts of city life, but Thomas, who had spent his childhood days there, seemed perfectly at home as he knew the place like the back of his hand. Nature, music, guitar, late night chats with friends and booze is probably one of the best combinations you can have.

The last day, we woke up late, had a leisurely breakfast where Shalmoli exhibited her talent in the kitchen, coming up with 13 omlettes at top speed. My contribution was limited to breaking one egg and dropping it on the floor! Then we went for a trek around the plantation where I successfully dropped myself twisting my ankle (did I mention I wore a white skirt and Osho chappals for the trek) as Thomas explained the intricacies of extracting rubber to a mesmerized audience. After a marathon bath and an elaborate lunch at his home (where we managed to exhaust the entire water supply) we were off to the zoo in Trivandrum followed by our last destination: Kovalam Beach! Quite appropriately, the journey which began with a beach ended with another, in a land that offered everything that an enthusiastic tourist could possibly ask for: hills, beach, backwaters, wildlife, a new language, a new culture and a whole new experience! The last night was a long one, and the only night that I got “sloshed” as some people will claim (I believe I was completely in my senses, so just because they took some incriminating snaps doesn’t mean I was drunk… it’s the cameramen I tell you)

Courtesy: members of the ckb group: Vikas, Ritesh, Upendra, Sama, Hemant, Uplaksh, Shrijit, Thomas (a very special thank you), Shevaita, Shalmoli, Shivangi, Me

And Vibhor, we missed you!

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