Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Three Cheers to CKB!

My post on our Kerala Trip has received a lot of flak for allegedly being too formal, too factual and almost a forced thank you note and a travel guide! Hmmm… so much for all the effort I put in to enumerate our journey together. But, yeah secretly even I agree that it was too politically correct and not quite “me” which is why I don’t blog about friends, because I am always afraid of putting my foot in the mouth, or missing out someone or offending someone.

Let’s face it, we have been a family for almost two years now, perhaps the only time I have come close to having a family outside my family. And as they say, you choose your friends but your family chooses you, which was the case here. From being room mates to study group members, we were brought together by SCMHRD’s torture policy and we decided to stick it out, thick and thin. Yes, we are very different people, yes we have different tastes, yes at times I have no clue why we do some of the things we do, yes some of our conversations leave me completely exhausted, yes at times I feel claustrophobic, and yes, I do switch off some times (even during our Kerala trip) but the truth is this has been my family and by definition, families are annoying, frustrating, irritating, but they are family all the same!

They are the people that you cry to, they are the people who pick you up from the highway at midnight when you are stuck, they are the people who take you to the doctor when you are sick, they are the people who teach you two hours before the exam when you are freaking out, they are the people who support you through your backlogs (and re-backlogs), they are the people who wait for ages with you during your placements (or the lack of it), they are the people who lend you money and then make complicated excel sheets to figure out how much you owe them and forget all about it, they are the people who embarrass you at every possible restaurant (Mezza9 especially), they are the people who criticize your dressing sense, they are the people who make fun of you and keep you grounded, they are the people who are always there (and I mean, ALWAYS) for you, when your friends let you down, they are… your family!

So three cheers to our family, three cheers to the CKB group (no names, no individuals), three cheers to being together forever, three cheers to US…


Viswa Sandeep S said...

gud one monti..

Ashwin said...

nice post
bt u cd ve elaborated wat CKB means for the people outside teh family :)

Aashay said...

Tch Tch tch...So this what we have come down to... Copying other people's blogs?

webstar said...
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webstar said...

@ Aashay/Insecure member of 'rival family' : just because we are way cooler and hotter than UR family u dont have to be rude..and neway the blogger in our family ALONE can take on ALL the bloggers in ur family :)So BRING IT ON..!

@ Garib-rath: Awesum read sweetie!

workhard said...

Hi, what is CKB?

Read poems

Shimonti said...

@ sama
thnks a lot... n thnks for bein dre!
@ ashwin, workhard
ckb is what we call ourselves... it stands for "chaddi ke bahar" bcz... well many reasons!
excuse me!! just bcz u hv ur family (a very nice one I mite add n i hv been cordially invited to b a part of it) doesnt mean that i cant hv mine... live n let live n no, I m not yet despearte enuf to steal UR ideas.
thnks for sticking up for me... u r my fav family member :)