Monday, May 25, 2009


So I am halfway through my training, most of which involved “analytical thinking”. I am not sure that you can alter the way a person thinks in a 3 hour session, but what do I know… I am a new hire and I am supposed to behave like one, i.e. enthusiastic, eager, excited… As if the long "thinking" sessions aren't enough, we are also encouraged to "ask questions" especially "So What?" and at the end of it all, the only question I am left asking is, "When is the lunch break?" which isn't looked upon too kindly. Other than analytical thinking, another much abused term is “networking” and we have been strictly instructed to “network” with as many people as we can: seniors, colleagues, HR, operations, IT and anybody and everybody “from whom we can learn and who can be helpful in future”. Strangely getting along and liking the person aren’t really important enough reasons to “network”! So yes, I did learn a lot in my weeklong training. The weekend was wasted in trying to pass inane online exams, one of which I flunked 8 times but finally, much to my relief, I have managed to clear them all.
Much to my surprise, I have been politely informed by a friend that people who don’t know me too well (i.e. the other new hires) don’t like me too much because I come across as rude, unfriendly, unapproachable, introvert and sarcastic. So I get upset when people avoid me or don’t initiate a conversation with me even if I don’t exactly like them. The idea is that I can be rude to them, ignore them¸ but not the other way round. In a perfect world where I live, things should work the way I want them to, i.e. others should love me, they should die to talk to me and they would consider me as the most fascinating person EVER while I can be judgmental, moody and basically a nuisance…

Bottomline: It’s an unfair world, but so long it’s unfair in my favour, I don’t really mind!

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