Friday, September 10, 2010

Lost in Translation

So after a hiatus of almost nine months, I am back again, and hopefully back for good!

The past few months have been quite an experience really: I was happy like I have never been before, but like all good things, it didn’t last forever. And I guess, the happiness you experience in the first six months of the year, is directly proportional to the heartbreak in the next six months. And now that I am probably going through the worst phase of my life, what best way to cheer myself up than turn to the one thing that had given me the greatest support in the last three years: blogging!

So the question I am sure everybody is all agog to know: what was I upto?
While I am not fond of peddling my personal life on a public forum (and that was the reason I stopped blogging in the first place), I can convey this much: I was living in a fairyworld, where everything seemed perfect, and that life couldn’t possibly get better, and then one fine day, it all came crashing down- just like that! And now I am back to the harsh reality, the struggle of LIVING suddenly seems to be overbearing. I wouldn’t say I made a mistake, because that would mean insulting the best thing that ever happened to me; I wouldn’t say it was a lie, because whatever happened, happened because we all believed in it; and I wouldn’t say I regret it, because it was the most beautiful six months of my life…

The truth however, the way it stands is, that I am alone, struggling to get by each day, reliving the memories, and trying to make sense of it all. Professionally, I am confused: I know I am stuck in a dead-end job (but then again, who isn’t?), I have been looking for a change for some time, and taking some innumerable interviews with very little luck. Also the fact that I spent my two years of MBA blogging and writing and ignoring my major (Finance) is taking its toll on me now, as I find myself woefully short on confidence and fundamental knowledge. The fact that I had the easiest run for placements, ensured that I never put in any effort and preparation. Well, as they say life has a strange way of evening things out! Personally, I am devastated, shaken, and still in shock- trying to find a way and getting more lost in the process.

But the good thing is: I AM BACK!


Shivangi said...

Giant welcome hug!

Vineet said...

Hi Simanti,

Welcome back!! I m glad that u have decided to revive ur blog..

I started to follow ur blog about a year back.. (Somasekhar got me into it..) and its been quite a nice experience going through ur post and views on different facets of life..

It's sad to know that u r going through a tough time.. We all have to face it some time or the other.. but i m sure u will get over it very soon..

Have faith and keep blogging..

All the best.. :)


Nefertiti said...

@ shivangi

Thank you!!

@ Vineet

Thanks a lot for reading. It feels great to come back and find that people are still around to read crap :)