Monday, June 27, 2011

A Blog About Why I Should Blog More

Even though my job involves a lot of report writing, making colourful presentations about assets under management, ETFs, Mutual Funds and capital ratios isn’t exactly what I would classify as writing, let alone creative writing! So yes, as I have declared a million times on this blog, I want to be a writer, and not the freelancing stuff that I do now, but real actual writing, which people would pay to read (i.e. imagine if you had to pay to access my blog, will you still do so?) Not that I ever intend to blog for money (I don’t even want to rent out space for ads), but it’s quite a food for thought.

More importantly, would I actually enjoy it if I took it up as a profession? This blog is convenient: I write when I want to or about what I want to. I have absolute freedom over the timing and the content and, as a reader, it’s your prerogative to read it. If you don’t want, go take a hike! I am not going to change my style/language/subject to cater to YOUR preferences. But everything changes if I have to write for money: It has to have a target audience, a theme, a subject in which people are interested in, a timeline before which it will still be relevant, no spelling/grammatical errors and most of all, an editor/boss who would have the right to criticize MY writing and CHANGE what I have written. Also, it would require the discipline to come up with a story about which I am least interested in but the public is (for example, Aishwariya’s pregnancy) in seven minutes AT.ANY.TIME, unlike my blog, where I post something at my leisure (when I am too bored to write about ETFs) about something as random as five things I want to do before I die (why would anybody be interested in that list anyway?)

So what if I quit a well-paying comfortable job to take up writing and then discover to my horror that I hate it? SHUDDER!

So what if what I write for money no longer goes down well with people or they get sick of it?

So what if I am simply not good enough?

And it won’t be the first time it has happened. I tend to lose interest quickly. Take swimming/dancing/economics/finance: each of which I had considered to take up seriously at some point in my life. I show immense passion, before it fizzles out fast (or I finish last in a swimming competition or fail in Accounts/International Finance)...

Hence I have decided, that for the next one month, I am going to write a post EACH day (no off days or weekends or sick leaves), even if I am too tired/too busy/too creatively challenged to ensure discipline/routine to see if it kills the fun out of writing like it does for most things. If it doesn’t, well, then I have passed the test, and irrespective of what all the aptitude/psychometric tests say, I am indeed, born to write!

And oh, please keep reading…I need all the support on this challenging endeavour!


Neil said...

i dont believe my eyes, a post every day! Just what the world needed, yay!

Neil said...

Poops, forgot to post my sarcastic comment under the Anonymous id ..... Keep writing.

Nefertiti said...

@neil 1
awww...thanks so much... i do my bit to bring joy to the lives of the ordinary souls (like you) in an age of increasing fuel prices (how is the new car and the new blog about cars doing btw?)

If that was meant to be sarcastic, why again do u have a RSS subscription and you jump on to it the second there is a new post?

Neil said...

How sweet! If only the world had more people as thoughtful as you. Not getting time to blog, argh! - Neil 1

I am in no ways affiliated to right wing religious fundamentalists. Please stop making such unsubstantiated claims - Neil 2