Friday, February 24, 2012

Winds of (Un)Change

I hate change: change of ANY kind, even if it’s good for me. The only exceptions are houses, jobs and relationships, where I am extremely dynamic.

But otherwise, I am someone who dislikes to be dislodged from her own safety net, as miserable as it is. Like for instance, my system got upgraded so that now I can have access to the latest versions of Internet Explorer, MS Office or Outlook, instead of constant pop-ups with the message, ‘Your browser is out of date.’ You would think I would be happy or at least relieved that my life would be easier now, but no, I am cribbing about how difficult it is to navigate through these changes. Me, I prefer my previous settings, as inefficient as they were.

Or take my clothes. For the record, I can STILL fit into a top which my dad got me from his first trip abroad, when I was 11. And yes, I STILL wear it. I simply refuse to throw away stuff, especially if they have some crappy sentimental value. No wonder I need a four-door closet for all the ‘valuable’ junk.

Or take Mumbai. I have been in the city for nine years now, and except the short stint in Hyderabad for my summers or the two-year phase in Pune for my MBA, this city has been my home. I hate the traffic, the rent, the alcohol prices, the loneliness, the indifference, but I am STILL here. I honestly don’t see myself living here forever, but I am extremely lethargic when it comes to making the move which is in line with my long-term plans. I can’t even motivate myself to go out of Hiranandani, especially on weekdays, let alone Mumbai.

Winds of change? It’s more like a still breeze...


Smita said...

Ah! u are a hoarder like me :D

And u know there is no harm in being the way u r, what difference does it make re? If u r happy the way u r then rest all can go for a hike :D

Nefertiti said...

cheers to all hoarders!!

umm... not sure about the happiness part. May be I can be happier if I made those changes which may be good for me. I am greedy you see...

Kappu said...

"I can STILL fit into a top which my dad got me from his first trip abroad, when I was 11."

can I say that EVER!! HEHEHE.. :D

Nefertiti said...

Well to be fair, the top WAS pretty big for me when I was 11, and I only started wearing it when I was 13, and since then I haven't grown much :(