Monday, September 3, 2012


As a kid, I never liked playing with dolls. In fact one of my darkest secrets is that I am abnormally attached to this ONE doll (I still have it in my home in Kolkata) and despite my mom’s subtle suggestions that I am too old to hold on to it, I have steadfastly refused to give it up. But no, I am definitely not proud of it, because the rest of me is testosterone charged: I love no-nonsense, objective conversations and I love sports (and no, golf is not a sport).

In fact I love sports so much that I can lounge around the house for two days tuned to different sports channels without getting up, other than to go to the gym. Yes, I have joined a gym, and since I am paying through my nose, I ensure that I put in my one hour EVERY DAY, even if my body refuses to co-operate.

But coming to my weekend, I had the MOST awesome time, as I remained glued to the TV in my old college T shirt, munching on Kurkure: while the India-New Zealand Test match served up a mouth-watering contest, it was followed by the Premier League in the evening and the U.S. Open at night. What more can you ask for? I mean, really!

Take yesterday for instance: my day began with Virat Kohli getting his 2nd Test century. Then following a brief entertainment by Dhoni and Ashwin, New Zealand dismissed India managing to get a narrow lead in the first innings. But India hit back with Ashwin taking yet another 5-wicket haul, and today India will be chasing a challenging total in the 4th innings, while I shall get no work done!

After the cricket match, I had a narrow window, during which I hurriedly finished my cardio, had a bath and again settled in front of the TV, this time to watch Arsenal vs Liverpool, followed by Manchester United vs Southampton. I rooted for the underdogs as Southampton almost drove home with a fairy tale victory over the favourites, but for the last minute heroics of Van Persie.

As soon as the match got over, I switched over to the live action of US Open. Some of the old favourites like Kim Clijsters, Lleyton Hewitt or even Venus Williams are crashing out in the early stages which only reminds me that I am also getting older.

Have I become an addict? Or was I always an addict kept under control by reality?

May be it’s time for me to retire as well, and go back to the doll I love so much


survivingbrain said...

Not addicted, you are just lazy, and looking for better things to do.

Very characteristic of the approaching thirties :P:P

If you have plenty of money, just retire..
If you dont, get married to a super rich guy, and retire !! :D

Nefertiti said...

ahhh... words of wisdom indeed!! what a nice way to begin a Tuesday morning

jo said...

not addicted, just enjoying your weekend!
p.s. i just joined a gym too last week :)

Nefertiti said...


it's more of an unhealthy enjoyment (hence addiction)...
and yayyy to gymming... moral support does wonders to being disciplined!

Kappu said...

whoo man, cricket, gym, fb and tennis.. you are a miracle!! ;)

Hey and the red dress pic is sup!

Do stop by my blog! Kappu

Nefertiti said...

I am not a miracle, cable television is!
as for the dress, if you look closely, you would notice that I am not breathing, lest it bursts out :(

Anonymous said...

Really?!!..i think u shud stop writig about ur 'happening' weekends!!!! And then u blame me for not reading ur blog..!!

Nefertiti said...


yayy yayy yayy!!! u r back!! blacmailing DOES work. and it seems like you do not agree that my weekends are happening... wait till I become your flatmate again; we shall watch sports TOGETHER!!!