Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Karma Chameleon

I remember two years back, when I was desperately looking for a change from company D after barely a year, I would be taking interviews with random companies for random profiles. Somehow, nothing was working out and I ended up being interviewed about 25 times by different people for roles as diverse as private equity, consulting, journalism, credit research or even news reader before I finally joined my current company. At that time, I had wondered what the hell was wrong with me, but now I am reaping the benefits of being grilled by so many employers, because, wait for it, NOW I AM ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TABLE, and the repository of questions is proving to be invaluable!

So yes, while work has been hectic, now I have the mandate to hire new people for my team, and it’s quite a thrill to sift through multiple CVs, shortlist candidates and then speak to them. I get to ask all the questions to which even I don’t have the answers to: random case studies like “how many burgers does McDonalds sell in a day” or moral dilemmas like “what would you do in so and so situation?”, fully aware that even I would be confused in similar circumstances. But it’s so much fun to see people take me seriously for a change or be nervous as I try to put them at ease (generously use their first name) and generally be the corporate b*tch I have always aspired to be, with very little success.

The best thing about my job is it’s not my dream career, so I can afford to be detached about it, while giving it my best.

I think passion is over-rated, especially if your rent depends on it


Makk said...

may be its just that one doesn't know how over/under/precisely rated passion is as far as one is not doing whatever s/he passionate about.

like how can anyone know how ciggerate taste without tasting it?

but I know one thing, even if you are not working in thing passionate with but you are in a right working atmosphere then you begin to like what you are doing. :)

Nefertiti said...

I am sure you are right

xibi said...


jo said...

Its still fresh right? I got kind of mad interviewing candidates when the hunt keeps rolling on - pretty diverse jobs you applied to :)

Nefertiti said...

hmmm.. right back at you

as of now I like the experience, but yes, I am sure soon it would get very mundane like everything else.
and diverse?? more like random!

Kappu said...

And how that queasy chameleon manages to stick throughout our lives beats me!