Friday, February 1, 2008

Stupidity and shopping!

This is probably one glorious example of how stupid I can be…. Read on and capitalize on yet another opportunity to ridicule me!
It’s 3:45 p.m. on a Friday afternoon and I am sitting at McDonalds waiting for the Symbi bus to take me to campus. And I don’t even like McDonalds!
I am on my way back to college after a couple of days in Mumbai. Now when you are coming back in one of those Volvo buses they drop you at Wakad from where you have to take an auto to the campus and the autowalas just rip you off! And I have a major issue with ripping off (unless I am the one who is ripping other people off) so I usually take a walk back to the campus. 40 minutes in the sun is nothing compared to the money you save and the exercise you get! But today since I had a lot of luggage with me I decided to get dropped at Aundh from where I can take a free ride to the campus by the Symbi bus…. Smart no, or so I thought!
So I am like waiting in the sun with 3 heavy bags, the bus comes, and well, it just decides to ignore me!! It keeps going without bothering to stop and I am running after it like a madwoman with 3 bags, but it still keeps going. So I am stuck at the nearby McDonalds for like another couple of hours, spending money on a burger I don’t like and watching India get thrashed by the Aussies. So the whole objective of NOT spending money has clearly flopped and I have ended up wasting 2 hours as well…
As long as we are on the subject of spending money, well my Mumbai trip turned out to be a very expensive one! Well, how can you blame me? Leaving a woman alone with stylish outfits in a retail outlet screaming 50% discount (the “upto” superscript escapes your greedy eyes) is the perfect recipe for disaster! But the downside of modeling in trendy clothes in the trial room is that it also brings forth all your insecurities: how many times I have wished I was taller, or thinner or had this and didn’t have that… you get the picture! But I guess given my OCD for stinginess, it’s ok to give in to your whims once or twice a year. Anyway now that I have given in, it’s too late to feel guilty.

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Bhattu said...

well, i did tell you about the alternate way of travel.. :D