Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine's Day: What it means!

I am actually dreading the advent of 14th February- allegedly the most romantic day of the year: a day which has the amazing knack of converting perfectly sane, sensible and no-nonsense individuals into hopeless romantics doing ridiculous things (well, Archies is definitely not complaining). Ask them why they are doing it, you are most likely to find them confused: err, because everybody else is doing it… duh!!!
I don’t know when Valentines Day became such a commercialized over-hyped “event” but I prefer the western concept where it’s a celebration of love (be it family, friends or spouse) rather than reducing it to a grand display of PDA. Honestly it doesn’t deserve the attention showered on it by the police or the political parties.
And, er, let me clarify: this is not a ranting post by an old hag who is jealous of all the cute, cosy couples and who secretly wants to belong to the happening social milieu but is too ugly to get a date! I have never “celebrated” V-Day irrespective of my relationship status. And I have never felt the need of a special day to celebrate my relationships. Whatever sweet, simple memories I have are just random, mundane and arbit little things which happen as a part of my life and which only I can appreciate and cherish- without the paraphernalia of universal love and affection and chocolates and cards and all that jazz!

Ok fine, I admit it… a little bit of mush and chocolate (especially munch or crackle) doesn’t hurt! I am too ugly to get a date and this post is a glorious example of “sour grapes”….. Happy???

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sam said...

hey ugly hag..!!

one confession - you sure have writinf talent..but you can do better!

one truth - you are not an ugly person, incapable to get a date! You are kinna cute in your own special way..!! please don't call yourself dat..and not on ur blog..coz u sayin it..will make u 'it'!

one pat on the back....gud job done!!

and hey....valentine's wishes!!