Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding!!

This is more of a tiny postette rather than a post… my oldest friend just called up- she is the studious type, rank holder and stuff. Now she just completed her MBBS and going in for MD. But the biggest news is that she is getting married!!!!! I just can’t believe it… we used to do weird stuff in school, we shared a passion for languages and playing tricks, we learnt our algebra together (correction: she learnt, I struggled) and we performed in school functions- such people don’t just get married, they can’t!!! Well, tell my mom that. Five minutes after my friend had called both of us, my mom called me- panic stricken, agitated and well, being a typical mom (though a part of her is very happy for my friend)! Her point: why is everybody around her getting married except her daughter… her anxiety is directly proportional to the number of wedding invitations she receives! and what am doing to console her? No, not putting up my profile in but instead blogging about it! I have a feeling, she isn’t going to like it…

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