Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Till death (or degree) do us part...

We did it… we survived nine months with one another under the same roof, and not only that, we are brave enough to spend the next year together as well! So yeah, we went ahead and booked our room for MBA II as well!
Say hello to the members of Room No 213: Shevaita (the pretty girl in black, thw Mother India of our group and the most talkative), myself in the middle and easily recognizable even in the crowd as the most vertically challenged and Shivangi (the cutest, craziest, baby of the room who bullies me all the time and whose morning ritual consists of being mean to me immediately after she opens her eyes!)
Now being a seasoned hostelite, I have had my share of room mates and touch wood, I have been extremely lucky with them. So when I walked into our spacious three seater room (with the luxury of an attached bathroom) in June, I discovered that the other two have already staked their claims and I have been relocated to the cornermost bed farthest away from the fan and nearest to the door. So every time I am arranging my cupboard, somebody decides to walk in unannounced and knocks me down and then people say I am accident prone… hmmmmm!!! To cut a long story short, I didn’t like my new room mates and missed Divya, my college room mate who became my soul mate (in a strictly non-lesbian way). Well, my room mates later clarified that the feeling was mutual: it wasn’t exactly love at first sight when they met me either!
However, 9 months later, we have pleasantly surprised one another and the fact that we are still live, still on talking terms and we still like hanging out with each other speaks volumes about our relationship. We do what all girls do: borrow each other’s clothes, shoes, food, books, phones, stationary and basically live on borrowed stuff more than on our own. We try to study together and then curse one another when we discover two hours later we haven’t turned a single page and never noticed when the study session turned into a gossip session. We wake each other up, we fight regarding who gets to use the bathroom last (so that she can catch 10 more minutes of sleep), we eat our meals together and we go out shopping or for dinner, but most of all, we criticize one another! Our common vocabulary includes "Look you don't understand", "Let's just be honest", "You know nah, it's crap", "Assh*le" and "Get lost".In spite of our different schedules, thanks to different specializations- Shevaita (Marketing), Shivangi (HR) and me (Finance turned Entrepreneurship), we still manage to complete our daily quota of annoying each other in whatever little time we get!
So now that we have successfully survived each other for 2 whole semesters, we have decided to stick it out for the next two even though there is no love lost among us. But the sad truth is that each of us is so unpopular and irritating by her own right that no other girl will accept any of us as their room mates. So we are kind of stuck together in absence of better options!


Germ said...

Hey great blog! Quite an easy and interesting read :)

Talking Tails said...


The post kinda reminded me of my college (hostel days!) although I must admit the goings-on in a Boys' Hostel are a lot more brash.. and the lesser talked about the better! ;) ..

Liked your blog.. funny.. makes me smile! :P

Blog on girl..

Germ said...

Reminds me that I need to start looking for a new roomie... my current roomie is a sad major fug. :-{