Monday, January 3, 2011

Beginning of good times

Last new year was a memorable one. So was this new year, though for very different reasons. Last few months, I have struggled with myself, trying to be strong, trying to make it on my own, and trying to move on. A change of job was followed by giving up my home which offered so many memories. A few weeks of a forgettable existence next to the railway platform and a few weeks at home later, I finally gathered enough strength and courage to look for a rented apartment in Mumbai battling my way through shady alleys and dark lanes with sharks (real estate brokers). And December 31st, I moved to my very own place: something I had always looked forward to, something which was very close to my heart, and like all good things, it was something which was harsh on my purse strings. So while the rest of Mumbai drowned itself in an alcoholic reverie, I dragged suitcases, cartons, bags and mattresses to Flat No. 1003, which for the next one year, will be my HOME. For the first time I experienced the little joys of setting up a place as I navigated my way through the unknown corners of Big Bazaar and Dmart looking for buckets, dustbins, toilet brushes, shoeracks, wall creepers, curtains, cushion covers, plastic containers, and ohhh yes, utensils and spices! For the first time I explored the entire range of home furnishings, a complete leap of faith from my usual stints where my activities were limited to the clothes/snacks/biscuits section. For the first time, I spent five grands (that too, in my second month of being unsalaried) on “useless” things that my ex flatmate loved to buy last year. As I spent my entire weekend unpacking, arranging, scrubbing and cleaning, I looked at it with definite pride and satisfaction last night when finally everything was set up. Of course, the icing on the cake was reading the Jane Austen classic Emma by the window and sipping tea on a Sunday evening in my LIVING ROOM. Note, LIVING ROOM!!!

But yea, I did think of last new year, I did feel lonely, and of course, I did cry. Still, I began 2011 positively, believing that good things will happen to me and thanking god for all the good things that has already happened in the last couple of months, specially the strength and support I have received from my neighbour/ ex colleague/ friend/ philosopher/ guide/adviser, who helped me so much, who set up the kitchen, who shopped for things I had no clue about, who made fun of me , and who stood by me through all the circus I have put myself through in the past few months.

So this new year was all about being responsible, about growing up, and yes, being sober!


Shrijit.S said...

Instead of writing philosopher/guide/advisor, you could have just mentioned my name. Nyways it is cool. In case you want help with roomie hunting,lemme know.


Esha said...

Wish you the very best for the year ahead!

priyanka said...

good to hear that simanti.. your blog is like a window into your life..really enjoy reading them!

Nefertiti said...

@ shrijit

Drunk again haan? U a philosopher/guide/advisor? At least you make me laugh...


Thanks. Wish you the same. And plan a trip to Mumbai soon.

Thanks a lot Priyanka. Keep dropping by.