Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Diwali Dampener

I always had a sneaking suspicion that I was a loser, but now I have proof!!! So apart from everything else that is wrong with my life (stark staring singledom for over a year, a job that only gets worse by the day and a book that refuses to get moving by itself, if you leave out the other macro factors like inflation, recession, corruption) there is also Diwali.

I don’t know whose “bright" idea it was, but I think it’s a completely useless festival. I came up with this illuminating hypothesis when I switched OFF the lights in the washroom at work and walked home by myself. The roads were empty, but the whole of Hiranandani was lit up like we were in a developed country with ample power supply. Add to that the waste on diyas, crackers, gifts, sweets and two days of holiday, and it runs the risk of being the most senseless event right up there with the IPL.

This morning again, as I walked into my office, all decorated in ugly rangolis, I switched ON the washroom lights, wondering why I even bothered to go home. Oh, TO CHANGE from ONE OVERPRICED NEW OUTFIT TO ANOTHER.

On that note, happy diwali, if you are reading that is. Why should you get to enjoy a long vacation when I can’t?


Mohit said...

̉Ditto. Stuck not due to work though. Stuck coz just got stuck. I mean when you just cant plan a thing stuck. And planning I did begin but guess a bit too late for offtakes around Mumbai with every damn place over booked.

Tuesdays with Morrie indeed is a nice book. Read it on recommendation but I liked The Last Lecture more than TWM. Maybe you can validate sometime around.Anyways,apologies for budging in. Keep reading. Keep blogging. :-)


Neil said...

I was rudely woken up today by the sound of crackers. At 7 AM. Grrrr, A cranky diwali to you as well !

Aashay said...

Cheer up! Its DIWALI!!!!

Nefertiti said...

at least you have the option to be at home and do what you want to, rather than reading mind numbing reports. anyway enough cribbing! dont want to ruin the holiday spirit. and yes, i do want to read the last lecture as well!!!


i see the great "man" finally comments... what happened to being "insensitive"?

as for the crackers, you totally deserve it!

dont remind me! as if there arent enough people doing it already. but nice to know you are alive...
how have you been?