Friday, October 28, 2011

The Lil Brother Who Grew Up

So did you have a happy diwali? Did you dress up? Did you burst a lot of crackers and light a lot of diyas? Did you eat a lot of sweets?

Surprisingly enough I also had a good time. I got dressed up (is it my imagination or does the mirror play tricks when you wear traditional wear), I had awesome seafood (Bombay Duck is a fish by the way) and LOTS of chocolates, and I spoke to a few people.

But this post is about my my newly-employed, first-time-out-of-home kid brother. Now growing up with ten cousin brothers is no mean feat, let me tell you that. When I was not getting bullied, I was busy trying to fit in and not get dismissed as “oh she is a girl! She can’t play soccer or she can’t bat or she can’t climb up that wall.” Alright, may be I COULDN’T play soccer (I was a decent enough goalie though) or bat (someone should be in the field doing the dirty work right?) but I DID CLIMB UP THE WALL faster than any of those big fat bullies. Anyhow, just because it’s bhai fota today, doesn’t mean I am going to vent all my childhood frustrations.

But this brother was always special and I spoilt him rotten. Every year when I would visit him, I would save up my allowance and buy him ice-cream or video games or one of those useless things that teenage boys are crazy about. Every year, we would disappear for hours, going for long walks and then when he started driving, for long drives, when the crowd at home would be desperately looking for us. Being the shortest in the family, he was the only one who restored my self-respect, because at 18, I was taller than the pint-sized 13-year old boy. Unfortunately, that changed soon enough, and while I remained the shortest in the family, he grew up to be a strapping young man, head boy in his school, captain of his football team and most recently, placecom lead in his college. Besides being a computer geek, a car/bike enthusiast, he also cooks awesome and plays the guitar better than anybody I know. He knows how to live life king-size while I TRY to teach him the merits of frugality. But most of all, he has been my best friend in the last few years, who confides in me and vice-versa. From arguing over Sachin Tendulkar vs. Mohammed Azharuddin, we moved on to arguing about which one of my boyfriends sucked the most. And oh, unlike many grown men, he actually knows how to make a long-distance, childhood relationship work. So yes, he is the epitome of the “perfect guy”, and at times like this, I really miss him.

Apart from that, I struggled to finish a booker-winning novel, and finally accepted that may be it’s alright if I don’t understand why a certain book won critical acclaim, instead of ploughing through one painful chapter after another, trying to find a reason. So I pulled out old boxes, located “The Last Lecture” (thanks to the sixth reader of this blog) and finished it in one evening. And after a long long time, a book managed to reduce me to tears, and these days, that doesn’t happen too often…


Neil said...

Sachin vs Azhar? Really? Im sure that debate lasted all of 2 minutes. Writing about people seems to bring out your talent really well. Mom, dad, now cousin. Who is next?

P.S - Did being a goalie mean that you stood there hoping the ball hit you (not too hard though) and bounced away instead of you actually saving a goal?

P.S 2 - I thought you said theres no such thing as a perfect guy. Arent they extinct? Or imaginary?

Ayan... said...

Thanks sis,really really luv u and miss u a lot..Come to bangalore ASAP.

Mohit said...

So you re visited Last Lecture. Thats cool. There are couple of similarities in the way your writing flows and mine does; selection of words included. But yeah,as I noticed,difference lies in me not reading the same book again. Strangely have never done that.
On books,am sure you would have but if you havenot till now, read Chanakya's Chants ... One of my all time fav ...
Tc and Happy Diwali ...

NoFaIrYtAlE said...

Hey! Nice blog girl! I share the same discomfort about Diwali as you. I mean, what's the point? You just end up sucking a shitload of electricity and not to mention the pollution makes you go OMG!

<3 ur blog !

Nefertiti said...

may be someday I shall blog aout you... more specifically how much I HATE YOU!

P.S.1: I am too dignified to defend my goalkeeping skills to someone who has never seen me play and therefore has no authority to comment upon it.

P.S.2: The perfect guys are all in the family unfortunately. Refer to Ayan's comment for proof that he aint imaginary.

Did you really have to copy paste the text message I sent to you. At least try to make your "love for me" sound genuine. But, yea, love you loads :) really!

nah, I read it for the first time. had the book, but it got lost in some corner of the house till you reminded me! so thanks a lot for that!and happy diwali to you as well.


welcome! and before anything else, may I say I just love your blogger id!!! thanks for visiting and keep reading. n yea, diwali/big boss/ipl are all up there as, well, not-so-favourite occasions, to put it mildly...