Monday, October 10, 2011

Is it Me?

Is it the glistening sand, the virgin beach and the out-of-this-world sunset?

Is it the serene backwaters, the fishing nets and the charm of the local fishermen?

Is it the quaint little church with the rich history?

Is it the pristine waterfalls lashing against the boulders, the gurgling resonance breaking the early-morning tranquil?

Is it Kerala?

Or is it just me?


jo said... this near the kovalam lighthouse?

Neil said...

Its Kerala. Trust me on that. No doubt about it. 100 % certain.

Nefertiti said...

i would love to claim credit for this pic, but unfortunately my photography skills dont do justice to the place. this is a pic taken from google images...


like i said, u dont know me well enough to be so certain about anything. just bcz i love the place you come from, doesnt mean u can make sweeping statements! gah!