Friday, November 11, 2011

Good Riddance (time of my life)

There are reunions, and then there are REUNIONS. The first one implies the formal alumni meet organized by your college strategically timed (during summer/final placements) so that the college can hand out colourful and badly edited (trust me, I worked in the Corpcomm team; I know how we made these pamphlets) placement brochures in the hope that some bigshot alumni will be charitable and nostalgic enough to “give something back to the college”. The alumni, on the other hand, with nothing better to do on a Saturday night, will turn up for the free food and the booze, in the hope of networking and passing around business cards, while comparing their cars/houses/size of… (I was going for bank balance, you dirty-minded losers). Thankfully, I haven’t attended any such meets (except as a student, when I was there to hand out the colourful, badly edited pamphlets).

But this weekend, we are going to Pune for the REUNION, which implies that our small but extremely confused group of 10 people (the other three spoilsports apparently have better things to do and I am jealous of them) are going to get back together to mourn over the misfortune that hit them four years back, when they met in Div B. The idea is to revisit college life, i.e. do all the stupid things we used to do, get drunk at the same place, watch the cheap morning show movie at the same theatre and generally try to go back to the past on a very expensive time machine ride. If you ask me, it’s just the desperation of a few OLD members, pushing thirty, trying to hold on to their youth.

Anyway, as much as I tried to get out of it, I couldn’t think of enough creative excuses, and hence I have reluctantly agreed to spend my otherwise happening (yes, I can never get enough of cooking/cleaning/washing/doing laundry/reading/watching marathon episodes of BBT) weekend in the most unpleasant way: meeting people who got on my nerves for two years, getting drunk, dressing up, staying up and discussing the same old stories about college life.

The sacrifices you have to make for family… oh yea, they are like family (remember, you can choose your friends, but not your relatives)

Purani Jeans all over again… time to buy a new pair?


Bhargavi said...

Its been a while since i attended any reunions and your post brought back a lot of "Purani jeans" yaadein.

Carpe Diem! said...

Don't go if you don't want to. Why make excuses? Just tell them you can't be bothered to come.

Heathcliffs Girl said...


Nefertiti said...

ohh it's nostalgia alright... and welcome!!!

@carpe diem
ohhh.... i usually crib about everything. but it was an awesome weekend and I am glad I did go :)

dude, stop UGHING!! We even went to our hostel room, and yours was just opposite... sniff sniff. but college has changed quite a bit. good to go back.

Neil said...

Old members crossing thirty. Wonder who that could be .... Hmmm

Nefertiti said...

stop crashing our party... get a life!

Neil said...

Yes, gatecrashing your party is my ultimate aim in life. Yes, indeed.

Nefertiti said...


at least you admit it finally... all five readers are witness to your confession that you DO NOT HAVE A LIFE

Carpe Diem! said...

Heh. I suspected as much. :P But, you and HG were classmates?!! Wow, two of my fav bloggers! Also, @HG: I can't see your blog anymore. :(

Nefertiti said...

@carp diem
classmates yes... but more imp, our hostel rooms right opposite, so I have been subjected to a lot of in-house torture. As for her blog, madame is acting pricey and after you beg and plead with her, she will consider your request and bestow you with the access to her blog.