Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Struggling Writer Turns Struggling Broker

When I was a kid… I wanted to be a globe trotter
When I started reading… I wanted to be a private investigator
When I began to follow cricket…I wanted to be a cricket commentator
When I was trying to fit in… I wanted to be an engineer
When I didn’t get admission in engineering… I wanted to be an Economist
When I read Education Times… I wanted to be a MBA
When I was in B school… I wanted to be… ummm… EMPLOYED (2009 batch, remember?)
When I joined a consulting firm… I wanted to be a banker
When I joined an investment bank… I wanted to be a writer

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I have finally found my calling. How could I NOT see it? How could I be so blind as to not notice it when it was RIGHT THERE? How could I be so FOOLISH?

So far, I was kidding myself that I am a ‘gifted’ writer; the obscurity was only temporary and it just added to the romanticism of a struggling author who was waiting for the eventuality of being ‘discovered’; and one day some publisher/newspaper would just call me up out of the blue and announce that “You are the next big thing in Indian literature and we would like to make an offer that you cannot refuse. You can sit at home and make a living out of writing.”

But no, I have finally woken up to the reality… I am not supposed to be a writer (that’s just a temporary distraction) but my true calling lies in real estate, more specifically, central suburban Mumbai real estate.

So I have been in Powai for two and a half years now, during which I have changed four houses. I have dealt with different kinds of brokers, societies and owners, I have had lunches/coffee with them, I have whizzed on bikes at all hours with them and on any given festival, the brokers are ALWAYS the first to wish me. Even at work, every time someone new joins, he/she is directed to me as I am the in-house broker who has the real estate market in Powai at her fingertips.

On that note, I embarked on a new challenge, i.e. finding a house WITHOUT a broker, and preferably one close to work so that I don’t face rejection from a dozen haughty auto drivers every morning. And yes, I walked into the building right opposite my office in the middle of Hiranandani, made small talk with the security guard, charmed my way into an empty second floor apartment, got hold of the landlord’s phone number and in 20 minutes, I had a deal: a decent one at that, WITH NO MIDDLEMAN milking me for his services.

(note to self: always wear a salwar kameez, preferably with a bindi while embarking on a house hunt)

Admittedly the house is not as nice or as spacious (even by Mumbai standards) as my current one, but the location more than makes up for it. Now I can go home for a quick nap in the afternoon, go for a jog in the park close by, admire from outside the dozen expensive eating joints right opposite my house and tell people that I live in Hiranandani. That’s like poor man’s Bandra, and while it makes no difference to my life, my friends anon can no longer make fun of me, saying that I live in “Chindi Valley” or “Kanjoos Marg”. Most importantly, I DO NOT HAVE A SLIMY BROKER TO DEAL WITH…

Say hello to the new broker in town...


Carpe Diem! said...

:O You're living the life I want to live. Away from parents. Work and home 5 minutes away from each other. In Mumbai but with a park nearby. Only the sea is missing from the equation. But I'd have made that compromise. *sigh*

quiet thoughts said...

Whoa !! Place in Hiranandi ,Congrats :-)

Nefertiti said...

@carpe diem
now you have pointed out all the good things in my life for which I should be thankful. But someday I shall tll you about the bad things too and you will consider yourself lucky :)

@quiet thoughts
congratulate for escaping the broker network, which makes Mumbai the opaque underbelly of real estate hell.

Mohit said...

Just 5 min from work is it. I can see my thumbs turning green as I type this. I stay at Navi Mumbai and work out of Fort so you can understand the awe-so-woeful situation ... The only good thing is the switch off factor here. So once home (and its a proper home from even a delhi standard :-) a 500 sq ft first floor terrace .. Ta da) am just cut off from work,completely and my unwinding passtime is Driving :-)... Rest is all uncool ... :-)

Nefertiti said...

From the many smileys I can figure out you are very satisfied with your current status. I would die of depression if I had to travel 3 hours a day in the Mumbai traffic. But I guess if work is in South Mumbai, that's the only option you have.

And just because I am moving close to work, doesnt mean people can expect me to work late (I am discreet about my shifting plans. It just means I can switch off sooner.

Makk said...

I see yo have habit of catching what you want or loosing what you dont want. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Hello!! so no chindi valley and kanjoos marg :) congratulations! Am coming to bombay soon @ ur new place in Hiranandani!

Nefertiti said...


welcome back... and please hold off on your visit... I don't want you to run down my place so soon... let me enjoy for a bit.

Akshat said...

so did you start using the park for the jog???

Nefertiti said...


yes yes yes!!!! mornings and evenings... though I walk most of the time :(