Monday, August 27, 2012

Banana Skins

I have always been clumsy: ask my friends, and they would gleefully tell you how often I have slipped or fallen or made a fool of myself.

But the funny thing is I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I like slipping and getting up and starting from scratch…
I like losing it completely and rolling downhill and then trudging up all over again…
I like being bruised and hurt and then healing slowly…

I like banana skins: they make the journey more eventful, more exciting and more memorable


Samleen said...

Is it just me? or do you also believe that your writing is getting shallower by each post?!

I think it use to write more fun stuff...but not so much fun now...

I guess...u need to move on in life...the damsel in Mumbai song has been sung by you to death now....may be u should live in with a boy...or go settle in a monastry...or i dont know....change your background...its stagnating...or atleast it seems so from your writing..

In your best interest
your ardent admirer
Taslima Nasreen!

Makk said...

Indeed a thoughtful post.

but why you are going around it for so long??

prachetash said...

LOL @ Taslima!

Nefertiti said...


finally!!! a comment from you... don't you know that all this while I was DELIBERATELY writing shallow stuff just to provoke you into making your presence felt on my blog.

but yes, jokes apart, I completely agree with you that i AM, in fact, stagnating. Seriously need a change or I would soon lose whatever little creativity is still left.


believe I have already answered your question above. I have nothing new to write, hence I am repeating myself. and thanks a lot for the mail. I did read it, but somehow my mailbox being virus infected, I can no longer locate it.

I believe you also agree with sam. But word of advice, go restart your blog before you laugh. gah!!!

xibi said...


Life Unordinary said...

How are you doing? Long time no read, nice to see a post :)

Nefertiti said...

hmm to you too

@life unordinary
ahhh... I am fine, but under the weather for declining quality of posts (as you can see above) :(