Friday, August 17, 2012


So I have been in Bangalore for a couple of days now. Obviously anon has been her usual mean self, ignoring me, not listening to me while I rant away to glory and in general making me feel completely unwelcome. Not that it matters, because I am pretty sure I am going to turn up uninvited again in a few months. The guys seem more matured and grown up though, a far cry from the randomness in college. However, they still have the knack to discuss completely unrelated stuff at the same breath and operate under the illusion that they are making sense.

But my kid brother is the one to really watch out for! You know you are in a techie den when the number of laptops/phones is greater than the number of people in the house, when they crack lame IT jokes and burst into laughter while I maintain a straight face and when they proudly show off the 'strong' email they wrote to their boss which makes no sense to normal people. So yes, I have been playing the big sister, making coffee and breakfast for four unruly guys already sick of the corporate life after ONE year, taking them out for movies/lunch/shopping/ice-cream while they grumble about their 'hardships'. They are also working on their online start-up venture, lifelyk which promises to be big; so I am trying to be sweet even though they are really getting on my nerves as I post this.

But I leave for a random trip to Malaysia in a few hours, so nothing else matters...


xibi said...

Where in Bangalore???

Makk said...

nothing really matters.. hummmm

please confirm if you received my mail.

Nefertiti said...

koramangla and yemlur. where do you stay?

did not really have a chance to check all my mails properly since I was away. will do so soon...

Shankha said...

Y do bloggers HAVE to say stuff like I am random, demented, hopeless etc?
Are those style statements of some kind?
Miss the good old Orkut days where people would resonate 'I'm awesome' all over their 'about me's. Like, son granted your life has quality issues, y don't you stop haunting the blogosphere and do something about it? :P

Nefertiti said...

THAT's your takeaway from this post?? Just because I wrote 'random trip' in the last line? Sorry to break it to you, but if you read the whole post, you would see it says NOTHING remotely negative (demented, hopeless etc). So next time you want to attack someone, make sure you get the context right.

On that note, welcome and keep reading (preferably the whole post)

Shankha said...

Hehe, no my comment was in reference to your 'About Me'; misplaced in the comments to this post, agreed.
Btw, read the entire post the first time..