Monday, November 19, 2012

Thank You for Smoking

Now that all the Diwali brouhaha is over and everybody is back to work, life seems normal again: no empty seats staring at you, no more crackers to distract you and no more blinding lights adorning the roads as if there was a Punjabi baraat dancing on the streets for a week! We are again back to being miserable: ALL of us, and not just me. Good, I.LIKE.EQUALITY.

If that isn’t misery enough, Bal Thackeray decided to breathe his last, very conveniently mind you, on a Saturday evening, after the regular Mumbaiite has finished his half-day at work, had his lunch and boarded the Virar local. Such is the consideration of one of the scariest most respected figures of Maharasthra politics. Of course the fact that life in Mumbai came to a halt for two days with the common man forced to mourn mourning with theatres, restaurants, coffee shops or even supermarkets closing down was a small price to pay. But the spirit of the Mumbaikar cannot be so easily dampened. You thought we would sit at home just because the Mumbai police ‘advised’ us to ‘not venture out unless it’s an emergency’? You thought we would silently watch Oh My God on Colours just because Jab Tak Hain Jaan and Sons of Sardaar were out of contention? NO, we are Mumbaikars, we can instinctively amuse ourselves under ANY circumstances, we decided to throng Shivaji Park to participate in the funeral procession of the icon who has held the state ransom for inane reasons over the years.

But hey, what do I know? I am just the cynical girl, who was stuck at home for two days, without milk or vegetables, feeding on dal and bread like a prisoner, devouring a 650-page political satire on Emergency.

I am a common man, I am allowed my share of disillusionment at the ‘system’, so pardon me, if I can’t bring myself to grieve over the death of a ‘leader’


ssoggo said...

never could stand the thackery politics..! think it a stain on otherwise 'equality' maintained in the political regime..
and yes, diwali ending this year was really sad, esp so for me, coz it was my first away from home, and might be the last I get to spend as a daughter.. :/

survivingbrain said...

Love you for this post !

But beware, i just heard two girls got booked for writing something about the dead man on facebook.

India is becoming too stupid, and like china or saudi arabia, where tolerance is no longer alive.

Nefertiti said...


ahh... lets not discuss political opinions on public, lest we end up in jail. I have been there too many times this past year, and would not like to go again so soon. and good that I wasn't the only one languishing away from home on diwali. (sadistic smile)

and they made her apologize also. that's like stupid beyond belief!

little boxes said...

no age for cynics, get into the cookie cutter and you'll do just fine!
but till then, dont stop writing.

Anonymous said...

I think the 650 page satire has rubbed on you..nicely written! :)
For your sake and mine lets just not get too vocal on how we regret the demise of a great leader!

Nefertiti said...

@little boxes

dont intend to. and you keep reading :)

you really are bored aren't you?? to comment on my blog on a weekday during office hours!!!