Monday, November 5, 2012

Worker's Song

Lately I have been doing things completely uncharacteristic of me: like I filled up my self-evaluation form at work for the SECOND TIME IN THE SAME COMPANY! If you know me, you would also know that this is sort of ground breaking, because, this is the longest relationship for me in ANY form (apart from this blog). Also, also, I RENEWED my contract for my house for another year. The irony is of all the five houses that I have stayed in the last three and a half years since I passed out of college, I like this one the least. It has never been HOME, but a very convenient place in a good locality and close to work, where I can just crash at night and not worry about commuting or arguing with autowalas. But I never imagined that I would actually stay on for so long, which is why I had avoided investing in the house, except for the basic furniture and white goods. But now that I do plan to stick around for some more time, I decided it was high time I fixed the basic plumbing of the house. Which meant more expense this month, adding to the personal financial crisis that my life currently is.

What with all the Durga Puja festivities, family visits and now Diwali shopping, I was already in trouble. Add to that the splurging on the smartphone and a new watch. And now that the wedding season is already here, like every year, I lose a few more friends to matrimony, which makes it worse because I have to shell out money for the wedding gifts also. But the major blow came in terms of air ticketing since I have 2-3 trips planned for the first half of next year (in anticipation of my bonus), but I needed to fund at least the tickets for now before prices become unaffordable. I ended up buying the cheapest ones, which turned out to be non-refundable and now even if the rest of the world ends in 2012, certain parts of South East Asia HAVE to survive, along with anon, SH and of course me. No matter what happens, I WILL GO TO CAMBODIA/MANILA IN FEBRUARY because I have already paid for it.

SO, given the Lehman Brothers state of affairs in my life, I spent a major part of the weekend at home, watching football, cursing Andre Santos (how can he swap shirts with RVP not to mention the sheer embarrassment on the field???) and reading Salman Rushdie. Somehow, I had never made it through the intricately detailed Midnight’s Children, but Fury, with all its depressing connotations, turned out to be a surprisingly good read. The only time I went out, I had to take a bus and squeezing myself in the back seat with a bunch of men was enough to make me stay put at home.

Stability, as I am figuring out, is the curse of the working class


Girl On The Move said...

"SO, given the Lehman Brothers state of affairs in my life" HAHAHAHHA This one nearly cracked me up.

P.S. I have been reading your posts religiously lately. :) Probably also cause' I'm studying in Calcutta and can relate to your posts so well.
Please don't stop writing. xo

xibi said...

Nice one!!!

survivingbrain said...

i actually want the world to get over by this year end... so i dont have to pay the rest of EMIs...

curious, why did you add the label 'sports' to a post which has nothing to do with sports?? apart from "watching football"??

xibi said...

Jo wazzup?? How's Bangalore weather :-P

Nefertiti said...

@girl on the move
love your id and profile pic. and no questions of not writing!! as long as you guys keep reading :)

thank you

no no no... don't say that! i have no refundable tickets... the world cant possibly end in Dec, at least not South East Asia...
as for the label, sports for me is watching only. it's not like I play in some national squad.

survivingbrain said...

I will ask the end-of-the-world committee to extend the date till march 2013.
Meanwhile,you be a nice girl and contribute generously to my EMIs on those months. :D

Anonymous said...

my tickets are refundable.hahahahaha.
PS- stop publicizing ur financial situation..we know u poorer =D

Nefertiti said...

did i not say I am poor??? how on earth can I help other poor people!!!

as long as mine are not, YOU.ARE.COMING.WITH.ME. hence yours are as good as non refundable. hahahaha...
and yes poorer by the day... sniff sniff